Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who need them?

Lately there is a hot topic being discussed in our community, the talk about one of our Minister having an affair with other women. The shock part it someone recorded his action into dvd and circulate in the market. The price is not cheap at first, after few days I heard it is getting cheaper and cheaper. Well, I don’t think I will grab one dvd to watch coz I don’t want to watch an old man in action.

After read about his story in local newspaper, I only know that he is over 61 years old now. Wow, at this age, he still very potent and MAN! How did he make it? Did he take any Viagra? Hehe…I guess he is. You know, he is a Health Minister, I am sure he knows what is the best drug to keep himself fit and potent. If no take any drug, I also believe he know what type of food supplement is good for his health at this age. Hehe…I bet most guys will wish to dig more information about this from him!

In fact, nowadays it is so much easier to buy Viagra via online website. Once you key in Viagra as keyword, I am sure you can get many of the links from your search engines.

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