Friday, November 11, 2005

HK/Shenzhen/Guangzhou - Part III

p/s : This is my re-write posting, first posting was gone while half day loading the pictures due to power trip. Me so frust!! I spend whole morning sitting in front pc and writing, so concentrate and exciting too…as I knew this part going to finish…hai… 25/10/2005, Tuesday Today we are going to Disneyland HK. From Shenzhen back to HK again, so troublesome as need to carry the big luggage(3 of us share one luggage plus one back bag), some more have to wake up at 6.00am, as ms tan will fetch us from the hotel at 7.00am. Too early, we got no time to take breakfast, so she will ta pau breakfast from the hotel. Guess what she packed for us? Only 1 egg with 2 breads…so disappointed, see already no mood to eat. But Wien like the egg, lucky, if not she has to take biscuit again. Reach HK train station, HK tour guide already waiting there. Transfer us to Dorsett Sea View Hotel (same hotel as we stayed in 22/10). Since it is only 9.00am, cannot do the check in, so just left those luggages at the lobby and told them we will check in tonight. After settle everything, we heading to Disneyland by coach. Wien seem very excited in the coash, she keep asking whether Mok Goofy/Mok Pluto wake up already or not? Mickey and Minnie will be there or not? Noticed she called Goofy and Pluto with her surname as Mok? Cos she like them very much! Kids are kids la…never except she will say that too.. Reach there exactly at 10.00am, the time when the park open for us to go in. toddler less than 2 years old is FOC! Wien already 3 years plus, so she will has the entrance ticket as us too!! Tour guide told us they will check on individual bag during the entry, to make sure we did not bring in any food into the park. If they manage to find it in the bag, they will get you finish the food before entering the place. Sure ka? Sound not friendly at all ya. I recall during my trip to Disneyland Paris 2 years back, they never check on bag, although there is a signboard stated that no food is allow to bring in. Any how, to avoid the embarrassment, I insert Wien’s waffle biscuit, mini cake into my pocket. Those are her favorite; sure she will ask for it when hungry. But when we are inside the park, I can see people eating Potatoes chip, bread and other food that not sell inside the park too! I wonder how they bring in ha?? There are many Disney carton celebrities in the American Street for us to take photo with. But need to queue long time la. Wien was so happy when she saw Goofy and Pluto running along the street, she quickly run towards them, me too follow her. Mummy also excited ma. I did not know that need to queue up at the first place, when we closer to them, then the staff there come and told us to queue up, me so pai sei le… At least need to queue up ½ hr before we manage to take pictures with them, quite tiring too standing there, but the weather is good, not so hot, and windy too. The longest queue I can see is the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, I think at least has to wait for 1 hour. I dun want to waste time on that, so redirected Wien attention to other places. We go for rides first. The park not so crowded today, many tourist from mainland and local people too! We manage to play most of the rides and see the shows presented in each land. If you follow clearly the map, sure will not miss out anyone of it. After some rides/walking, feel hungry; look for food first, if not, no energy to walk liao. Not cheap eating in Disneyland, one meal either rice or noodles at least cost you HKD40 minimum; but the serving quite big, I couldn’t finish the whole plate. After lunch, we continue our journey in the land. As usual, Wien need daddy carry her as she claim she is too tired, next time we would consider to bring buggy for her instead of carrying her, so tiring, poor daddy!! Wien suddenly shouted Mickey Mickey, then only we noticed MM, Pooh, Mulan were at the garden for photo session. So we queue up la like this morning, just to satisfy Wien curiousity to have picture with them. In fact, mummy also wish to since not many chance to have pictures with this kind of cute celebrities ma!! Wien bully Donald Duck le, she bite her mouth when reach her turn to take photo, maybe due to too excited kua! Then DD pretend very painful, Wien just laugh happily when see that! The staff come forward & told her cannot bully her wor...haha! About 4.00pm, Wien feel sleepy and tired, she wants to sleep. We look for a nice place for her to have her short nap; if not sure later she will lau kai. In fact, quite tiring bring her along for the trip, but overall she behave quite well except feeding time as she quite choosy in eating. At 4.50pm, daddy wake her up, if not we will short of time to finish all the land. But she need daddy to carry her as she seem half wake half sleep..poor girl! 7.00pm Disneyland will close. Before the closing, there is a fireworks presentation at the Sleeping Beauty Castle, it took abt 10 min. Great fireworks, everyone seem enjoy it, including us! Main Entrance Wien with Micky Mouse Our family photo with Mok Goofy & Mok Pluto, how nice if Lyon also with us. Wien manja mania with Donald Duck... Wien with ?? ( suddenly cannot recall the name pulak..!!) Very pretty Beauty. Wien with Minnie Pooh & Tiger( HK Pooh seem like not chubby enough le) Wien with Mickey Wien napping in the park...too tired walking! Fireworks After Disney, transfer back to Dorset Sea View Hotel. We are not happy with the extra bed given by them. Imagine, they just put the mattress on the floor, instead of giving us the bed with mattress; seem like sleeping on the floor. First day we check in, there are 3 beds there, so no problem. This you can see from below photo! Hubby not satisfy with it , so called the receiption to change room or at least give proper bed, rather than sleeping on the floor! At first, they claimed no more room, we have to accept that room. Hubby angry with the answer, as we already paid for the extra bed charge for the package, and this is the service we get!! He asked them what will you do if you are in this situation? Will you accept to sleep on the floor if you already paid for the bed charges? They couldn't answer...ask us to wait another 10-15 min. After that, give us another room with one queen size bed & one extra bed for Wien. Now only we satisfy..if not insist our request, sure they will not entertain us wan..


kwloong said...

Wow, looks like your gal enjoyed her trip, so many friends to take pic with. Your hubby is very tall. When Emily grow older, prolly I will take my family there. US? EU? Asia?

Yeah, need to make noise with unacceptable hotel service, else they will take advantage. But don't simply make noise, else they have BIG BRO coming after us...:P

jazzmint said...

wow many photos of Wien with all the cartoon characters...make me lai hou sui oni lah you :P. hehe pooh bear looks thin..tak cukup makan lah dia kekeke. You and Wien wear same baju somemore...really must say like Mommy like Wien :)

Sue said...

wow, disneyland looks nice leh... and wien very friendly with them , all the pictures hugging the characters, not sure if ivan's turn he'll be so "yit cheng"

Milly said...

wow..i liek the mickey..since small i liek mickey alot..!!

aigh...dream the dream maybe i can see all the cartoon ler...

envy envy

Lazymama said...

*envy envy* about your HK trips! Must save money now to bring my gal there when she grows older.

Your hubby is so tall and Wien is tall too!

Annie said...

sorry, can't help... ur hubby is so TALL!!!

Spent one whole day in Disney ah...i also envy..but must save $$ first. One point to take note, visit during "good" weather - autumn??

Your Wien very "kuai"...

Jesslyn said...

Ya, Wien enjoy the Disneyland very much, even till today, dreaming also talk about MM! If bring kids along, any disneyland will do, sure they'll hv fun there!

Next time u also can dress up Faythe like u!

Last time Wien will cry too when see Big cartons in shopping mall; now no more crying but like them very much!

Dun dream! Make it reality, quickly beg your daddy bring u there since now u r so free liao!

Everyone said my hubby tall le, mean I am short lor (in fact, I am short la)! He is 180 cm..
We aslo save $$ monthly only got chance to go le!

Annie :
Help what? Hubby other family member also tall!
We prefer winter instead, just to experience the cool weather..but this round consider Wien, so go on autumn lor.
How u know Wien is kuai, she also lau kai during the trip, especially during meal time!

Annie said...

jesslyn, i mean i can't help myself, wanting to comment on ur hubby's height, hehe!!