Monday, November 28, 2005

SIL Wedding on 26/11/2005

Youngest SIL getting marry on 26/11/2005. Wien is happy as she has been waiting for this date very long time liao, but at the same time, she also feel sad as she knew her 小姑(SIL) going to leave her & stay with her hubby. Here are some photos taken during the great day. Lovely couple with the 4 little pretty child brides... As norm, Chinese wedding ceremony got lots of pantang-larang, if you are superstitious enough, then you have to follow all the rules and regulations. At for my MIL side , she does not follow much those rules, as they are quite open-minded. But for SIL’s hubby side, they have lots of thing to do & to follow, until my SIL beh tahan. But what to do, as her future MIL already remind her to follow. So my MIL no choice , got to do also! As she dun want her daughter kena “bom” at the other side! In fact, all those rules are “aim” to get first baby boy! OMG, why at this generation, still got this kind of thinking?? Really no further comment on this! Frankly speaking, until now I still not really understand our Chinese culture, until when their mind will be changed? I do believe most of you that already married had gone through this stage, including myself! OK, lets wish this couple : 百年好和, 幸福美满,早生贵子,子孙满堂!


Egghead said...

well... once a lifetime mah... follow a bit lor :P

Annie said...

sometimes it's quite fun to follow leh... take it as rules in a game lor... Wish your SIL "GET PREGNANT SOON..." hahaha!!!

Lazymama said...

Wien is very 抢镜!

Jesslyn said...

no wonder your 1st bb is a boy la! :P

Fun? But i m not really enjoy le!

the 4 little bride are 抢镜!

Zara's Mama said...

Wien is so pretty in the flower girl dress..

Hope your SIL has a wonderful life with her hubby.

jazzmint said...

hehe wahh...flower girl wohh...did ur MIL sew the dress or u did? very nice :)

yah...sometimes i oso don't understand all the chinese custom...a bit too much lah. I got a cousin, the MIL even told her cant sms or talk to the hubby for 1 week before wedding!!! *Fainted lah me*

Jesslyn said...

zara's mama & jazzmint:
those flower girls' dresses make by MIL..:P