Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Our Simple X'mas Tree

Before having Wien, we never celebrating Merry X'mas. We only make use of this public holiday to go for vacation or just relax at home. After having Wien, only we start treat it as a special day for her! All because due to Wien like Santa Claus very much as well as the X'mas gift! Year 2002 - She was only 8 mth + during her 1st X'mas , so she dunno much on this date yet. We brought her to shopping mall to see those pretty X'mas tree with light up. Year 2003 - As for her 2nd X'mas, she is 1 year 8 mth, but mummy & daddy did not celebrate this date with her, we go for our Europe trip instead!! We are celebrating our white X'mas there. Mummy felt guity, so bought many many gifts & souvenirs for her. Year 2004 - Come to her 3rd X'mas( which is last year), during X'mas day, we brought her to shopping mall to look for Santa Claus. At that time, I just gave birth to Lyon, she is only 1 month 3 days old, so did not bring her out, just leave her at home with my MIL. Wien so happy when she saw the Santa Claus, she quickly run towards him. The Santa carry her, surprisingly Wien did not cry although at first I thot she will cry. As for this year, mummy & daddy promised that her will up a X'mas tree for her if she behave as good girl. So last weekend, we go & shop for some X'mas decoration things. But we did not buy the tree, we use real plant! Daddy said no need to keep it after used which occupy some space! Err..mummy feel the tree not look like x'mas tree lor, but Wien is happy with it, ok la, never mind, as long as she is happy! All the things are hang by Wien herself, she refuse us to help her, she want to DIY ! So we just let her do it!


Egghead said...

liked the santa's hat!
also very creative tree leh!
glad you all can get into the Christmas spirit!

mom2ashley said...

what a clever lil girl!

Annie said...

good idea lah...Malaysian-style Christmas!! After that, can use again for Chinese New Year hor!!

Wien enjoyed and had fun decorating!!

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. cute tree..

We should have done the same.. just use a potted plant at home to convert to a Christmas tree.

Was Lyon excited?

Jesslyn said...

hubby prefer x'mas than CNY le!

clever girl? i think busy body more appropriate to describe her! :P

that's wat hubby said: hang till CNY..LOL

zara's mama:
Lyon? i think she over excited, she become 破坏王!grab all the things down..Wien so angry with her! haha