Saturday, November 12, 2005

HK/Shenzhen/Guangzhou - Part IV

26/10/2005, Wesnesday Today is our last day for the trip, but we extend the return date till 31/10. as we want to go Guangzhou (GZ) by our own, to visit hubby’s uncle there. At first, plan to take train as the train station nearer to our hotel, but uncle’s house more nearer to bus station, so for their convenient, we take bus la. Before proceed to GZ, we decide to stay extra night in Shenzhen, as we I not manage to do shopping there yet. Hubby said will bring me to shop at Dongmen ( 东门), as he said come to Shenzhen, if not go to Dongmen mean never been there wor. We took MRT from HK to Shenzhen, same as we did on 23/10; we also check into the same hotel. Reach Shenzhen already noon time, we rest some time in the hotel first, to charge the energy; as need to do walking too in Dongmen. In Dongmen, many things can buy here ( provided your wallet's money allow u to do so la!!), cheap & many choice. Lucky I did not buy much in HK, as HK wan very expensive. Crowded here, too many people, scare pick pocket too; so I did not bring along any hand bag, our wallet/purse all keep in our pocket. As our uncle remind us that now near to CNY, many pick pocket around the town, have to becareful. No photo taken here, as mummy busy shopping & poor daddy busy carry Wien..


Twinsmom said...

very happening trip, enjoy the picture very much, thanks for sharing :D.

-- Maria aka Twinsmom--

jazzmint said...

keke...sure got a lot good bargains :)

kwloong said...

How come no pictures of what you buy??

Zara's Mama said...

bought a lot?

btw, who looked after Lyon during this time?

Jesslyn said...

u r welcome! I blog it so that in future I still can remember what's de happening during the trip!

Things bought quite a lot too! But each time purchase hv to consider how to bring back le! canot buy too bulking thing, else got problem bring back, as still need to hold Wien tight along the journey, she is one of my "luggage"!!

Opps, I din take photo for that le!

Zara's Mum:
Later part will blog on what I bought...
Lyon with MIL during my absense!

Tracy said...

Oh, finished oredi ar? Enjoyed so much reading about ur trip. So tempting, have to hint hint my hubby liao.

Hee, hee, Wien looks so small when Daddy's carrying her and looks like a 'big' girl when she's on her own.

So, u must have a great time shopping with so many "kais" (miu kai, lui yan kai) over there lor?

Jesslyn said...

Still have final part in process! Being tied up, u can go HK anytime le since your sis stay there!

In fact, I din buy much in HK (expensive le) but mostly buy in cheap!!

Egghead said...

oh man! so nice trip!!
I also wanna bring my family to HK disneyland leh!!!