Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Wien is my good helper nowadays! She will offer her help to me when she see me busy. She will help me do below things:

  • hang/fold the laundry ( hers & Lyon's only)
  • wash plate (but I only allow her to wash her own plate under my supervision!)
  • carry out the high chair for Lyon while feeding time (she prefer to put her head under the chair while carrying!)
  • arrange her CD in a proper place, no sepah-sepah after watching. If not, daddy will threw away all her favourite CD!
  • pass me wet tissue while Lyon poo poo.
  • put in the detergent into the washing machine, etc etc...

Though not many things she can help out but at least she did give me a helping hand while I am busy! I love you, Wien!


Egghead said...

my son also love to help... and sometimes help too much liao until we have to clean up the mess pulak... LOL!

Annie said...

my girl also like to "help"...if dun let her, she'll merajuk... Good to let them "start" early...hehehe. Wien looks very "kuai lui" (good girl).

Your Wien carry the high chair like doing lion dance.

Sue said...

LOL Annie, me also thought she's doing the lion dance leh...

mom2ashley said...

hmmshe's becoming to be very useful around the house eh?

kwloong said...

Can ask her to come over here to train my son to help??


Jesslyn said...

Just let him help lor, from there then he learn ma!

Wien too will merajuk if we refuse to let her help!

hehe..sometimes she did use the high chair as her liao head & dance..shiok sendiri!

ya, she's a good helper now! one day Ashley will be like her too!

Train Tim? wow, I think she would love to as she like boy, uncle & ah pek very much le...kekeke

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo, Wien is so kuai.. So cute the way she carries the high chair.

Good huh, like that? Next time Lyon also older, then you have 2 helpers, you can shake leg already. kekeke

jazzmint said...

hehe so good...carry chair so high somemore :P...Soon can help Mommy sweep floor and mop floor :). Like I tell my hubby, girls are always so helpful.