Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lyon's Photos

Today is Lyon official birthday. Mummy wish to do this blog post officially for her. Lazy mummy go and dig out all her photos..here it goes…. Newborn baby Lyon - at day 2 Lyon at 2nd month Lyon do push up (6th month) Lyon on walker ( 6-7th month) Lyon at 8-9th month Lyon 1 year old ...but still look like a baby! Lyon so far only know stand with support, walk few "big" steps with our help. She refuse to walk sometimes, maybe due to she ever fall down last time. However Wien can walk after her 1st birthday! It's ok for us, as we know one day she will make her first step!


jazzmint said...

wahh push up photo oso manage to take hehehe so cute lerr.. I like the 3rd month photo, giving a punch to auntie jazzmint..ouch!!

mom2ashley said...

happy belated birthday lyon!

Egghead said...

a lot of actions huh for the past one year!

Happy Birthday!!
"fast grow tall and big" (in cantonese)

Lazymama said...

Lyon's push up photos are so cute!

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo, so cute..
Her push up ones look very 'tiring'.

I heard normally 1st kid the development faster is it?

But I guess it's ok la, they will catch up eventually.

Tracy said...

Wah, so fast one year liao. See how she grows and can see the changes.

I like the 'push up' pics. Sooo cute, so small can do push up oredi so mommy no need to worry lar - Lyon has a way of keeping fit (hee, hee).

Can see dat u've done a nice and neat job with the photos. Keep up the good work.

Sue said...

her looks dint really change hor

Jesslyn said...

Oops..pain or not? got bruise?


most babies got their own action, that's y we as parent like to take their pic!

Jefferene & Zara's mum:
Ya, I love the push up pic too, looks so cute!

Looks tiring hor, as can see from her heavy buttocks! keke!

How time flies..last year at this date I still in hospital le! Now happily playing with a toddler liao!