Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Lyon

Yesterday night we arrange a simple yet meaningful party for Lyon. Yes, it is Lyon’s first year old birthday party. It’s s just a small gathering for our family member as we do not invite other relatives. But sad thing is SIL’s kids do not turn up due to chicken pox. We scare it will spread to Wien & Lyon, so advise them better dun come, furthermore, youngest SIL getting marry this coming Saturday, so she lagi scare she will kena chicken pox. Of course Lyon will not know today is her great day, the one who get very excited is Wien. She keeps asking me when we can take out the cake from fridge, when we can blow the candle, bla bla bla…at that time I was in the kitchen busy fry chicken & mee hoon. I bought her a Pandan Vanilla Fruit Cake from local bakery shop. The cake looks very nice, and it tastes delicious too! I also choose 2 mini Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse to put on top of the cake as decorations. When everything ready, hubby help to take out all food and served it on the table. Lyon seem like not really attracted by those food, even when the cake on the table too! I try to get her near to the table but she just refuse to come down, insist me to carry her. Hai, this girl too clings to me. But Wien very happy when she saw the 2 mini MM, she want to take out them; lucky we manage to stop her! I did not prepare many food as not many of us, but we have some fried mee hoon, fried chicken, watermelon, vitagen for kids etc….my expert dish is fried chicken, hubby said no other food is fine but must have my fried chicken. Yeah, it simply delicious! Is time to cut birthday cake, but Lyon look blur blur, poor girl, must be thinking why so many of us surrounding her..when the candle light is there, she try to blow it, but too soft, not manage to blow off the candle; Wien want to blow for her but we stop her first, tell her let Lyon try first. After few “soft” blow, still not manage to blow off the candle, finally only get Wien to help her. Remove the candle, just let the 2 girls "play" with the cake, Lyon try to take the grape but fail, so Wien said: 妹妹拿不到,来,姐姐帮你(you canot get ha, come, I help u!) After Wien gave her one grape, Lyon start to dig others pulak..we scare the cake will 面目全非, so have to stop them liao..haha.. As usual, tonight Lyon also keep glue to me, until I cannot have a proper meal. One way to avoid her keep behaving like that is, give her food! Ya, any food will attract her one, regardless what it is...I can say she is a "wai sek mui"!! So, I gave her one watermelon, she happily sit beside me and eat it...then mummy only got time to have food! See, she eat until her mouth full full! Such a greedy girl.. After eating, MIL asked me to put some items on the floor and let Lyon choose. Old folks say what the baby choose will represent what they will become in future. Eg, if they choose abacus or calculator mean in future they will work as Accountant; choose book mean they would love reading & will be knowledgeable, bla bla bla....I do it is just for fun only, no other meaning though. First attempt....After putting stuff like ruler, handphone, abacus, fried chicken, book & a game on the floor, we try to attract Lyon to crawl towards them. But she just see see only, refuse to go there and pick. Finally, she start crawling but crawl towards ma ma (MIL) le...aiyah..poor daddy, already standby the camera. Second attemp...after 1/2 hr, mummy try again! Yes, this time she quickly crawl to get the ruler! What this mean? to become a tailor or fashion designer? No one will know, including Lyon herself! End up, she happily play with the ruler.... Happy Birthday Lyon, mummy & daddy only have one wish, to wish u have GOOD HEALTH & HAPPY all the time. We love u very much!!


Egghead said...

Happy Birthday to Lyon!!
nice cake also... fruit cake always the most healthy one for kids... good choice!
they really love to stuff their mouths hor :P

kwloong said...

Happy Birthday Lyon!!!

At this age, donno how to appreciate the cake yet. Cake looks yummy.

Lazymama said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Lyon! The cake looks really nice!

She has chosen the ruler ah...might be teacher one day. :)

The test can only do at one year old? 15 months can test or not? :P

jazzmint said...

wah another birthday baby...happy birthday lyon!! Next year must blow the candle harder OK :)

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Lyon!

Zara's Mama said...

Happy Birthday Lyon! She looks like she's enjoying herself.

She chose ruler, maybe will marry a royalty and become a ruler!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Lyon!

Tracy said...

*Happy Birthday to U, Happy Birthday to U, Happy Birthday to Little Lyon, Happy Birthday to U* *clap, clap ..... *

Wien seemed to be more excited and should have felt more than obligated to help mei mei.

Wow, a future fashion designer is born! Lyon seemed to be using the ruler as a samurai sword (hee, hee).

(psst, psst, this msg was supposed to be sent on 22nd Nov, 2005 - the actual day of Lyon's birthday but dunno why it didn't appear) but anyway


Annie said...

Happy Birthday Lyon... may you be healthy & happy always. You are very cute!

Jesslyn said...

tell u, she ever put lizard shit inside her mouth le..lucky we noticed it earlier!

ya, she duno yet but she know that can be eat le..

Ruler=a teacher? but that ruler is my MIL used for making cloth le!
15th still can play with this game la, is just for fun ma!

Next year I think she will rebut with Wien liao!

Sue & Rachel:
Tks, Sue..

Zara's mum:
Kahwin to royalty ha! then mummy & daddy can enjoy life liao lor! Pray hard...hehe

Tks! your birthday song will never too late for Lyon!