Thursday, June 22, 2006


人物 维维:大瓜 甲乙丙丁:三姑六婆或姨妈姑姐 甲:维维吃饭还要妈咪喂哈?某某人自己吃饭啰! 乙:某某人和维维同月生,可是人家高她一个头了。维维好像很矮咧! 丙:维维还穿纸尿片?某某人两岁就没穿了! 丁:维维还没上学哈?你不怕她跟不上? 甲 : 四岁还吸拇指?没有叫她戒? 很。。。。讨厌人家拿别人或自己的孩子来跟我的孩子比较!!!!有什麽好比呢?有时真的是很生气,但又不能当众骂回她。**@@##**^-^ ***************************************************************
人物 - 小瓜 - 陌生人 = 三姑六婆或姨妈姑姐 陌生人:为什麽看到我就哭? 陌生人:哎呀!哭倒酱可怜,你一定是很少带她出门! 陌生人:酱没有用,Auntie 要抱你也不可以。 陌生人:哎呀,看到我就偏嘴巴,不可爱了啰! 怕陌生人也有错?求求你们这些三姑六婆,姨妈姑姐远离我的小瓜,你们都知道她是怕你们的,还要过来弄她哭。这不是小瓜的错,也不是我们的错,是天生的!


shoppingmum said...

Ya loh, why these aunties never stop bothering or comparing our kids? So annoying.

Vien said...

wah, luckily Belle hasn't face that yet. i think only chinese aunties like to do that..haha.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Jess ah, tried to traslate to English but translated Eng version of your post cannot understand wan :(

Egghead said...

说明是三姑六婆嘛... 加起来都有九把嘴... 乘起来更是十八个噪音洞... 不爽也是难免的啦... 我看两个小的还是远离那群麻雀比较好... 要不她们小小的自尊心受伤就不值得了...

Zara's Mama said...

I no need to look for 三姑六婆. Sometimes my MIL also talk like that.. Why Zara still wearing diaper, why still sucking thumb, and last time why still drinking milk from mummy's breast..

Aigh.. kaki lang also like that.

Tracy said...

Luckily I don't have these 三姑六婆 if not they'll get a piece of my mind! I'll "xyz" them (heehee).

Just don't take notice of the 三姑六婆 and treat them as 'transparent' lar. Poor mommy, 大瓜 and 小瓜.

Jesslyn said...

they EFNTD lor!

Totally agreed with u!

Babel fish no help meh? I just wrote simple wording wor!
hehe..sorry ya, lazy to do translation!


difficult to pretend they are transparent la...normaly I will try to walk away from them if see them from far! LOL

blurblur said...

Correct lor! Can't stand these people!Like Zara's mama, my 三姑六婆 is my MIL lor, always compare Damien with my SIL's son (who's 7month older than Damien)!

Feel like giving her a tight slap and ask her to shut up! (erm, think only lah, of course cannot lah;p)