Friday, June 09, 2006

Lucky she scare of stranger....

One day, TNB man (the one who take meter reading for eletricity usage) come to our house. He was standing outside the door taking meter reading. Our outside gate was not locked at that time, usually just closed like that, although there is a padlock there. Wien saw him, she wants to get the slip from him, so she quickly look for door key and want to go out and take from him. The guy saw she open the door, so he come forward to her, want to pass the slip to her. Lyon saw him come near to door, seem want to enter the house, she start crying! She quickly run to kitchen to look for Ma Ma, yelling : Uncle, uncle!...that's her reaction when see any stranger come to our house! Of couse Ma Ma heard Lyon is crying since she yell so loud, so she come to front to check on her. Then only she realised the TNB man was standing outside the door, and Wien was trying to open the padlock. She stopped Wien from opening the door and just get the slip from him. When the man left, Ma Ma lecture and scold Wien, for opening gate to stranger. But she claimed that : he is not stranger, he come to give us the slip!...hai, she just thought he is same as postman and rubbish man! *shake head* Lucky Lyon is the type who scare of stranger, she'll either cry or yell loudly when see someone she don't know. So that we can get first alert that someone is coming to our house. Otherwise, one day both of them might be kidnapped by the stranger without our knowledge! Who know?


Zara's Mama said...

Good that your MIL lecture Wien, dangerous, she go & open door for people with a 'slip'..

kwloong said...

Lyon saves the day!


Vien said...

Aiyo, so dangerous. I guess must teach Wien about "uncle goldfish" now. But seriously, when is the appropriate age to teach kids about strangers?

Ricket said...

Better to teach them not even to talk to strangers. Very dangerous.

shoppingmum said...

Frankly, I'd rather have kids who's afraid of strangers than one who likes them. Besides old man, my boy likes to make friends with people. I'm also so worried when I'm out with him, he's so eager to get to know other people! He even calls my neighbour "gong gong" just because he's giving him titbits! Sigh! Those news these days really got me worried too much...

IMMomsDaughter said...

Better be safe than sorry. My girl also too friendly, she eagerly says "Hello" to everybody, including strangers. Not social also kenot, too social oso kenot...hai ya, a Mommy's worries never ends :)

Contented Mum said...

Good thing your MIL is at home!

chanelwong said...

must hide the key somewhere.

Egghead said...

sadly... the world is turning into a place where we could hardly trust anyone anymore :(

I thought it should be the other way round :(

Sabrina said...

Btr tell her not to open door. Even if she yell or cry, by the time the bad guy would hv grabbed her and run liau.

Jesslyn said...

zara's mama,
last time wien scare of stranger too, but when she is 3, she become so friendly to them! This worry me too! *sigh*

yeah, MIL also told me the same too when she told me this story!

last time wien scare stranger, we worry, now she so friendly to them, we also worry! Already start teaching her on 'uncle goldfish' thingy, but wonder she understand or not?

become parents now only realised not an easy job, always worry this and that! especially having girls now!

yup, i hv the same feeling with u too!In fact i dun like my girls talk to stranger too!

hahaha, your girl same as wien ler, "HI" to everyone!

contented mum,
ya, really lucky she is at home! Thank GOD!

tell u, the next day my MIL keep the keys in her pocket the whole day! LOL


Now I told her whoever come, must inform MIL first! Hope she remember!

blurblur said...

aiyo, so dangerous leh...really thank god for Lyon! :)