Friday, June 02, 2006

@ Tanjung Bidara

Some times ago Papa agreed to bring Wien go to beach to "catch" crabs. Finally we went on last Saturday. Wien very excited when mummy confirmed to bring her there as most of the time it was mummy who delay her plan!! Reached there, Wien very excited to look for crap, keep chasing papa faster faster bring her to search for them. Lyon very wai sek, keep asking mummy to give her lollypop, as she saw mummy grab 2 stick of lollypop while papa pump petrol at petrol station. Other than lollypop, mummy also bought some bread and junk food. So, after she got her lollypop, she keep eating and licking it, refuse to play sand or water too! Mummy just let her be, as long as she did not making noise.

When she finish the lollypop, then only she come and join mummy to play sand. But she refuse to take off her shoe, she said : 肮脏, 肮脏 (Dirty, dirty)...hai, this silly girl! I was thinking she always at home run here and there with bare foot, till the foot so black, but never say herself dirty! *shake head* most of the time she was wearing her shoes on the beach, until her shoes really wet, then only she ask me to take it off, she said : 湿湿, 湿湿 ( wet wet!) Mummy playing sand with Lyon while papa bring Wien to look for shell and crab; she brought along a pail with her too!

I think Wien is the one who enjoy the most! She doesn't want to wet herself but still keep chasing, running and jumping when the waves come towards her!

At last, she still wet herself. Lyon did not enjoy the waves, she said : 怕怕 (sked sked!). She also said Wien : 肮脏, 肮脏 (Dirty, dirty)....when she saw sand all over Wien's hands & legs! haha...this silly girl just refuse to touch the waves!! This is Wien's second time to beach, Lyon's first time! Hope in future can bring them to more further's beach.


Potential Mom said...

crap or crab o??? fun lar... dunhave beack at kl lar... aighhhhh.....

Egghead said...

LOL! my son also say dirty and refused to take off his shoes... worse... he refused to stand on the wet sand and get his shoes dirty also :P

kwloong said...

I think your lyon is like my son, scare of this & that. I am also going to the beach this weekend.


Zara's Mama said...

Lyon very xiao jie but Wien more adventurous hor??

Wah, Lyon knows how to eat Lollipop now, I haven't given Zara before ler.. I wonder if I should start her, very scared she get hooked, and each time go shop will ask me to buy.

blurblur said...

what a coincidence, we plan to bring Damien to the beach this weekend too!:)

Lyon is the meimei, so i think she'll be more protected? But your Wien is definitely braver than Damien, he dare not go near the water too..;)

Tracy said...

Ur Wien's very brave and she dares to go out into the water alone. Ur 小不点 is very cautious. If I'm not mistaken, u are carrying her (heehee). So, did Wien catch any crabs?

Des is oso afraid of this and dat. The time we went to M'cca, we had to accompany her all the way to the water and she wouldn't let go our hands and scared of getting her 'buntut' wet too ... haiya ... Guess we must take her more to the beaches lar.

mumsgather said...

My kids also very geli when they feel the sand between their toes. They oso don't like to wet their feet so just play sand castles on the sand. That they don't mind.

magictree said...

My 2 boys were so scared the last time when I took them to a beach. Cling to me like coconut tree! So Wien is very brave since other mums here also said their children are scared of waves!

Sabrina said...

Keith just love the beach especially the sand. He loves to take a stroll by the beach.As for the wave, he's quite ok with it. I guess most of the children are scared coz' the water suddenly come gushing in.

Jesslyn said...

typo lar!
Follow your dad come to Melaka lor!

hey, your son also so xia jie hor, scare this and that! hehehe..

when wien is small, she also scare of many things but now change a lot! Let's hope Lyon will be like her too!

zara's mama,
Just let her try and make sure some one was with her to avoid kena choked.

You are going to Sentosa? Nice beach too! want to go again one day, but must get Lyon a passport first!

papa encourage her many time only she dare to go near water alone, else she will keep begging me to go with her!
Lyon keep asking me to carry her lor, dun want touch water but want me go near to it! *sigh*
Wien only caught 2 small crab ler, she say no fun, ask us go again this week! :P

your kids also like Lyon too! i guess next time go again sure they will love to play the water!

your boys so big wor, also scare the water? cute! Encourage them more during next trip!

wow, Keith very brave indeed!

IMMomsDaughter said...

My son used to be scared of the water and will only go ankle deep. He used to refused to go deeper as he claimed he did not want to get his short wet!!!

At least Wien enjoyed herself.Look at her having fun in the pix!!!

Allyfeel said...

It looks like wien really enjoy her crab catching adventure ya...:)

I am dying to bring Bb to a beach too.