Friday, June 23, 2006


Wien having fever now, today is the 4th day. Other than fever, she also having diarrhoea, stomach ache and vomiting. With fever alone, already make me worry sick, further now she is vomiting too! Her sickness exactly same as Twinsmom's Belles. Both Belles got the sickness since 16/06/06, but my girl got it since 20/06/06, looks like the germ had been spread down to my place...LOL 20/06/06 Wake up in the morning, found she is having fever. Thought is normal fever, so just feed her paracethamol before I left to work. Tell MIL to monitor her fever, if still not down, continue to feed her the medicine after 4 hour. She still can play and running here and there the whole day. At night, she start vomiting and having diarrhoea. Vomit and diarrhoea few times during midnight. 21/06/06 Morning brought her to see dr. After medicine, she seem ok; no loost stool, no fever, so MIL did not continue feeding her. Been telling her many times the medicine must continue to consume at least for 2-3 days, cannot stop. But she not follow my word, as she thought taking those medicine will cause her sleepy the whole day!!! I always wish I could be SAHM whenever my girls are sick, so that I can monitor closely by myself. *sigh* I quickly feed her medicine after knowing she did not take it for afternoon session. Sleepless night for papa and mummy. She sleep with MIL before this, but if she is sick, I will get her to sleep with me. Other wise I dont think I can sleep well too! 22/06/06 Still having fever, stomach ache, loose stool vomitting and no appetite to eat. Keep reminding MIL to feed her medicine on time, cannot skip. At night high fever again, another sleepless night for papa and mummy. 23/06/06 This morning fever at 38.6 c. See doctor again. He gave suppository to bring down the fever. Monitor closely and feed her medicine on time too. Pray hard she will getting better by today! Still don't know what cause her sickness....*sigh*...but at least we know it is not dengue!


Egghead said...

poor Wien... hope can recover fully over the weekend :)

Zara's Mama said...

Hope she'll get better soon.. Poor girl.

Fever is the worse fear and worry all parents have huh?

Btw, did you quarentine Lyon from her.. just in case it can pass to Lyon?

Lazymama said...

Most probably is virus infection, my girl got that too last time.

Speedy recovery for Wien!

Tracy said...

Do agree with Jefferene, maybe it's the virus infection. Or maybe it's food poisoning. Poor Wien. If she's still running and playing, it's alrite.

Hope she's okay by now.

Vien said...

from the symptoms, it's a stomach flu. that's what they call it in the states. just give her plenty of liquid, like pedialyte.

magictree said...

Hmmm...No2 is also down with vomitting and 'lau sai'. He had a slight fever and after one dose of panadol syrup, the fever is gone. He has been having that for the past 2 days but seems to be better today. Only thing is he hardly had appetite!..Wah what's this virus that is going around huh?

Hope Wien will recover soon.

Jesslyn said...

she is ok by now, lucky is weekend so that i can monitor closely!

zara's mama,
how to guarantine wor? we just make sure they no share of food, cup or plate! They still play together but most of the time, Wien was lying on mattress, she look so tire!
Very lucky the sickness no pass to Lyon!

I guess so..i blame her for still sucking her thumb!! :(

yes, she still can play, when no play, most of the time she was sit on her potty..LOL..still got loose stool lar!

first time i heard stomach flu...hehe..stomach also can hv flu.
Yup, we force her drink a lot too!

wow the virus spread too far lar!
Hope No2 is ok by now..

shoppingmum said...

Hope she's getting well soon. Glad to know it's not dengue or anything serious.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Glad to see she's back to normal. I think the virus is on the loose as Wien is not the first case I heard.

blurblur said...

My, thank god she has recover! Mummy's love is still the best medicine in the world! :)