Monday, June 26, 2006


Naughty Lyon know how to use 滚啊 (stay away from me) to chase us off nowadays. When she is happily playing alone or watching TV, if someone ( either Gong Gong, Wien or papa) approach her and want to disturb her, if she feel piss off, she will say 滚啊, at the same time, her hand will try to push them away. No need to guess, she pick up this from Wien; Wien will say that to Gong Gong when both of them fighting over the TV. One day I was bathing her, when finish bathing; want to bring her out from bathroom, she say 滚啊 to me! Meaning that she still want to play with water; so I just walk out, then she start yelling….now she still will say 滚啊 to me but with a very manja voice and sly smile…...but to other family member still with her stern voice…foresee she will be a fierce girl in future! (just like her mummy..kekeke)

Leave me alone lar....


Jason said...

But still, that is very rude ler. Saying that to seniors. Must "teach" ler.

domesticgoddess said...

haha... mine don't say 滚啊! but say 'go away!'... still same meaning.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Hey, so cute that pouting pix of Lyon. Good timing!

Vien said...

Sucha cute round face! Hey, u cut her fringe yourself? A bit too short wor..hehe.

Egghead said...

my boy say "go way!" LOL!

blurblur said...

She looks so cute here! Can't imagine she can be so fierce huh? ;)

Yeah, Damien say 'go away' too...

jazzmint said...

she looks sooo cute in the photo lehh...u sure she said that ah?

eee..i wanna cubit her

Msau said...

Lyon really cute ahh..haha

good responde to her 滚啊 she will scare liao..and now kids really pickup words very fast ler..really donno how they 'record' all those words wan..

Jesslyn said...

yeah, agree with u...but the senior get excited when heard she said like that, keep kacau her and get her repeat the "wording" wor...LOL
u read others parent's kids also say the same too, so me not so worry on this lar!

oh your boy also say the same har! I thot my girl very fierce ler! :P

she keep closing her eyes at that time, so hubby quickly snap lor! She love to take photos now.

You are right, I m their hairstylist all the time! She keep turning her head, so mai accidentaly cut out of shape lor! Nvm, she will not blame me now! LOL

she not that fierce la, just dont like we kacau her when she got something to play with.

yup, she said that! me too like to get her say that, it's so funny lar.
Her cheek is like me, tembam tembam!

only my respond is workable for her, if other say that, she will be just ignore them!

Tracy said...

Heehee, her expressions on 'leave me alone' is so cute. I think she feels irritated whenever family members 'kacau' her, dat's why she says 'goon ah'.

Maybe she says it in such a cute way dat ur family members like to hear and 'kacau' her to repeat. Jason doesn't like to hear, ask Lyon to say 'goon ah' to him. Hahaha.

Jesslyn said...

LOL...your reply to Jason is funny lar!...better dont say like dat, later Jason kor kor "small gas" (小气), then charm lor! :P

Zara's Mama said...

Where did she learn how to use the word? From Wien ah?

1+2mom said...

She is so cute with that funny face :) She grow much more bigger now..hehe..children pick up so fast, so dun say any bad word infront of them.

Jesslyn said...

zara's mama,
ya lor, who else wor!

hehe..sometimes me too geram with her cheek and cubit her!

HMom said...

thats a cute pic. Kids now days pick up things so fast. The other day Harvynna said, 'Ass kissing'. Oh Oh, she heard that on TV

irene said...

yes, kids now very fast to pick up jj sometimes said "sei lo" (die lor) when something falls down..

i quite agree with Jason lor..need to teach her ler..if not, cham liao..