Monday, June 05, 2006

Tambun Tau Sa Piah

This morning I had Tambun tau sa piah as breakfast, from Him Heang some more! I bet many of you know where is the origin! It was from my GM who just back from his hometown (Penang) after whole week there. When he gone back for holiday, he will bought us this biscuit as 手信 (souvenirs).

I ever went to this Him Heang shop many years back, guess is 2001 ( I was pregnant with Wien @ 7 weeks then). But this shop doesn't give me a very good impression, I can say very dissappointed over their attitute towards customers. Funny thing is, according to my Penang's friends, still many customers flooded the shop during weekend. Some even dun mind to line up sooooooo long just to wait for the biscuit! *shake head*

Ok, let's tell my story now.....

Year 2001, hubby and I plan to drive to Penang for holiday during National Day. Everything was well planned, then only I realised I was pregnant. At once, I plan to cancel this trip as I worry this and that. But end up still go ahead with the plan. Hubby make few stops during the journey, so that I can feel more relax instead of just sitting in the car. Before we go, we already informed our Penang friends that we want buy few boxes of Tambun biscuit, so he booked advance for us, then we can just collect from the shop on our way back.

When come to our last day in Penang, our friend very kind, he drove us to the shop to collect biscuit. Reached there, we already saw there is a long queue there. Many had queue up till outside the shop's gate! Can u imagine that? My friend told us if no make any booking then we have to queue like them. But my hubby said if have to queue so long, he rather go to other shop and buy, although other shop's biscuit may not as good as this shop.

We proceed to counter to check our booking but the counter couldn't find the booking under my friend's name, and tell us come again 3 days later!!! At first we thought we heard wrongly! I said if 3 days, then better cancel it lor, who want to come 3 days later?? But my kind friend keep asking begging them to check properly, tell them who he make the booking from, but the counter just couldn't find it. Then the counter people told us unfriendly : or you just queue up lor, I cannot help u! My hubby was not happy with the way they talked. He told our friend, let's forget about it and we not keen on the biscuit anymore. But our friend being kind enough, still keep asking them check once again, tell them XXX had taken his order. The counter must be cannot stand our friend's long winded skill, they called up XXX ( he was on leave that day), lucky that XXX can recall the booking, then only the counter allow us to take away our 6 boxes of tau sa piah! We spent 45 min there just to take our biscuit that had been booked 2 weeks in advance! Frankly, when we make the payment, we pay with very unwillingly, so "heart pain" towards their attitute.

Now the shop still famous with their tau sa piah, still many tourist "pong chan" them, sad case! Come on lar, i can see many place in Penang selling tau sa piah too, with different brand. I ever tried one of them, found the taste not bad too!

So whenever I ate Him Heong tau sa piah, I will think of this case and I still can recall very well that day incidents!


Egghead said...

LOL! Him Heang is the only brand of tau-sah-piah that I eat :P
my brother always get me a box when he comes back :)

never been to their shop b4... maybe I will one day and yell back at them :P

Potential Mom said...

erm...last time when lockee go to penang, i ask him to buy me him heang tau sa piah... but when he go to the shop, only noe need to book in advance... aighhh...

this shop ar... really dunnoe how to do their business.... imagine, who will come again next 3 days ler?? for those tourist, they might just stay there 2 or 3 days only... who will back to that shop again... like those who go penang for 2 day trip, how?? they really dunhave business mind lar!! aighhhh...sad to say that....

Allyfeel said...

Actually I agree with you that other brands Tau sa piah also very nice. Not only this.

Tracy said...

Been to dat shop when we went 2 years back. Luckily there were no long queues. Went there and immediately got our boxes of 'tau sar piah'.

If the attitude was bad, I won't 'pong chan' them and ask them to fly kite.

Not neccessary to get from this Him Heang lar. I bought other types of home-made tau sar piah from pasar malam and tastes better than theirs.

Zara's Mama said...

that's why hor.. Chinese ah.. b'cos of good food, willing to get abused from restaurants and shops la..

We ask for it one loh.

And a lot of these shops and restaurant, still don't know what is customer service, very action just because they are popular. aigh.

kwloong said...

You can try Ghee Heang, another good brand with no attitude. Yeah with HH, you need to book early. I heard someone who does their POS system, they earn 20K per day for selling biscuit.


Vien said...

I totally agree with you on their bad attitude. I was there in 2002, the people in there are so LCLY. I also find their tau sa piah not as great as before. So, will not pong chan them next time.

Lazymama said...

I don't mind eating other brand of tau-sa piang. To me, they just "tau-sa piang", not much different. Ask me to queue for hours, forget about it.

Jesslyn said...

wah, u so choosy wan har!
When u r there, pls yell on my behalf too! :P

u r right lar, they just dun hv business mind! wait till one day only left 小猫两三只, baru they know!

yeah, there is one shop near my place, the tau sa piah also not bad, some more much much cheaper than HH!

oh u ever queue up for the biscuit too...haha, i know u r a fans of tau sa piah lar! Too bad, last time I totally forgot to get u tau sa piah from Tangkak, also not bad. But manage to grab one at "Luk Suk Gong"..:P
Me too will not pong chan the shop but dun mind other ppl treat me one box!

zara's mama,
u r absolutely right, all becos we ask for it wan!
I always have a mind that action shop only attract those action customers..LOL

yeah, tried GH b4, not bad! I noticed most tau sa piah in Penang's brand ending with HEANG, influence by HH too??
What is POS system? sending biscuit via post? :P

oh, u also kena b4 har! so bad hor their attitute!! Dun worry, we have money, we can spent anywhere we like!

u r like my hubby, just eat without knowing or concern the brands, as long as he fill up his stomach! lol

Sabrina said...

It's like that lar. When their shop famous, they'll be so rude to the customer coz' they know we don't want, other ppl want.Very bad M'sian attitude.

blurblur said...

When they got famous, their attitude change also. It's like you want, you buy, you don't want, there are still lots of people who will buy from me...very bad hor...

Hubby sometimes went to Penang and he bought tau sa piah as well, it taste nice to me no matter what brand it is..;p

IMMomsDaughter said...

To me, not so goodlah the piah...since u say bad attitude...I mogok on your behalflah, next time don wanna eat their brand anymore ;)

Jesslyn said...

sabrina & blurblur,
yeah, just as commented by zara's mama, we ask for it wan!

bogok on my behalf? better don't lar! :P

chanelwong said...

what to do? even though rude, still got people buy.

kwloong said...

I heard they are brothers, split due to conflict of interest. Not all end with Heang. There is another brand called Dragon Ball.

There is another popular biscuit called Beh Tar So from HH, also very popular.

POS - point of sale system meaning the cash register and back office.


Jesslyn said...

I think should lodge complaint to their top management, then only they'll change their attitute!

yeah, usually that will happen when come to family biz. But good for we customer as there will be more choices!

Anonymous said...


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