Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogsphere's Newborn!

There are 2 newborn babies in blogsphere now, both are boys too! First is Jazzmint’s Vyktore, second is Michelle’s Barnabas, both are unique name too. Congratulations again to Jazzmint & Michelle! What inspire me to write on them is, I really salute them can blog on their newborn baby immediately after giving birth. I have to write a big (salute) to both of them. I will never able to do that! Read below then you will know the reason.

I told hubby this 2 good news during dinner time. Told him they very keng, can blog so fast.
He : You also can do that mah!
Me : Hey, how I can make it wor! The next day after give birth I still lying on the bed, cannot even walk down (b’cos I am c-sect)! If I natural birth, maybe can lar!
He : keep quiet….eh, hospital now also got broadband kah?
Me : hahaha….no la….for NB, they can discharge the next day lar! *shake head* (he thot all mummies will be like me, have to stay hospital for few days)
When I gave birth to Wien, I admitted to hospital at 7.00am (as I noticed some sign early in the morning), but wait till 11pm still not much contraction or dilation, although dr already broke my water bag. At 11.30pm, he said cannot wait further, got to do emergency c-sect. No choice, we have to listen to him since he is the expert to us at that time. I was having fully unconscious for the first c-sect. After everything was done, they send me to wad to rest. I could only see my baby the next day! I stay in hospital for 3 days; upon returning home, already busy with the newborn, how can I find time to hook on pc? Although I have MIL to take care during confinement, but myself have to take care baby too! Some more I still feel the pain after few days give birht. So when baby sleep, I also sleep or rest lor! I only can on my pc after 2 weeks later, as I want to send baby photos to my friends and colleagues. That’s it! After that I will only play with pc upon returning to office. Since Gynae confirmed I couldn’t have NB due to narrow pelvic, so for my second pregnancy he already told me to do the c-sect 2 weeks before due date. Lyon comes to this world via planned c-sect and I was having half concious and half unconcious, so I can see her immediately she is out from my tummy. Now with newborn baby Lyon and Wien, me busier than first confinement. Lyon is ok, she sleeps most of the time but I have headache with Wien, she keep lau kai and cry for my attention. Frankly I dislike maternity leave, I rather it finished soonest possible, so that I can return to office to have my peace there. Terrible mummy!!
I felt myself only settle down with both of them when they are nearly 4 months! At that time I only can find myself and do my own thing....


Msau said...

my 1st confinement r terrible too..altho I didn't go for c-sec lah..but donno y..very very tired ler..except wakeup for nursing, I almost sleep thru day & nite for a week ler..

Zara's Mama said...

I go for vagina delivery I also stay in hospital for 2 nights ler.. :P

And come back for me will be too tired to blog.. but maybe Jasmine and Michelle got good helper or confinement lady loh.

blurblur said...

Damien was born via emergency c-section. I remember i developed high fever after the op and had to stay for 4 nights in the hospital!! But i'll still opt for c-section if i have another child! ;)

I really salute these 2 mommies too! :)

kwloong said...

I was sending MMS out after my c-sect. First one, i was very tired coz waited whole day and nothing happen.

Second one, not sure why I was so alert after the op.

Wonder which hosp got wifi.


Tracy said...

I went thru C-sec to have Destinee too. I was up the 2nd day and walking to the washroom oredi (might be due to the vitamins I've been taking all the while) and heard from frens dat die-die oso must get up if not the doc would not discharge us.

I was discharged on the 3rd day and immediately was on my computer working oredi due to so much work ... sigh ...

Vien said...

don't think i can turn on the computer after a delivery. When I had Belle, i was in labour for 12hrs. Where got energy to blog or even send out email wor.

domesticgoddess said...

hahah... both times i needn't worry about blogging coz I didn't have blog then LOL!

Jesslyn said...

your tireness maybe due to the pushing lor! LOL

zara's mama,
yeah, reach home lazy to do other thing lor!

me too have fever after the op! Lucky the fever down the next day!

wah, if hosp got WIFI, then sure many will go for it! Those man can surf net while wait for wife to give birth! LOL

Pity u lar hv to start working after discharge! I thot should at least rest for a month?

yeah, they are supermom lar! :P

ya lor, maybe when we have the blog only have the urge to blog gua!

Twinsmom said...

I also c-sec, and worst, I lost blood because the womb not contracting, so have to stay in hospital for one week for observation, but thanks to the one week, been forced to breastfeed the babies, so i managed to have milk for them later. ai yah... your post remind me of my birth story, I wrote it, but never publish it, because I write before Earthtone give birth, I afraid my story scare her, mana tahu her story on her baby lagi scary.

Jesslyn said...

come, post your birth story one day, see how scary. Later will pop over to ET blog and read hers!

chanelwong said...

I was banned to see computer during confinement but curi-curi said boss email me things...only use SMS most of the time...

jazzmint said...

kekeke...I'm not so addict lah :P. I just post one post so that all my friends know and can see the baby lorr. Or else I get alot of sms and emails, no time to answer oso feel very bad leh.

I'm sure you can if the next time u deliver 3rd one ;)

IMMomsDaughter said...

I did not have any blog at that time. Only started blogging :)

khongfamily said...

This is what you call 'addiction to blogging'! I have no comment cos' I started to blog when Brae was 4 mths even though I've created the blog when I was pregnant.

However, I don't think I can blog that fast after delivery.

mumsgather said...

Same here Jesslyn. I will never be able to blog so soon after birth. It'll take me a couple of months for me to get back to normal routine. I don't know how they do it!