Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Quilt

When I am in good mood, I will think of something to sew. Yeah, I'll only sew during good mood! Then only the end product will look more nicer and prettier as I sew with love and my heart. Since Lyon doesn't has any blanket, so decided to make one small quilt for her. She only has security blanket (被被)but that cannot cover her body; another reason why I did not get her one blanket is, she use to kick off any blanket during sleep time, even I had wake up few times and cover for her but her sensitive hands and legs will just kick it off from her body! *sigh* But I still decide to make one for her! When the quilt is done, I show to her. She told me : 被被,被被 (It's blanket) but later she said : 不要!不要!(don't want, don't want! ) . Immediately when Wien heard her mei mei said don't want the blanket, she quickly come and tell me to give her that quilt. But I told her this is for Lyon, later when mummy is free, mummy surely will sew for her too! Lucky she said she can wait. Ok, few nights I try to cover this quilt on Lyon during bed time but she just kick it off as usual! Wien knew Lyon doesn't use it so she grab it from her, now the quilt belong to Wien... Wien also will kick off blanket during sleep, same as Lyon! Opps, I should say Lyon just alike her jie jie, like to kick blanket! Wonder other kids are the same too! In blogsphere I found a blogger very good in sewing quilt, she even took up a class just to learn sewing! I wish I could be like her too! You can find her good artwork of quilt from here and here.


kwloong said...

You really have so much talent (or "sum si"). My mom also started to do a quilt for me before I go to Oz for studies. Now I graduated, married and have children. It is still undone.

Probably I need to continue it for my children. Emily took my blanket as hers. She like the mummy smell in there.


Jesslyn said...

yeah, take back from your mum & continue it! If not enough fabric, let me know, I have a lot!

mumsgather said...

Yes, dunno why the kids likes to kick away the blankets. My boy still doesn't use any blanket at 2 and my girl only started to like using one when she was older, I can't remember what age now. Thats a lovely, lovely quilt by the way.

Tracy said...

Wow! Really envy (not admire, heehee) u lar. Can sew not only dresses but quilts too. I'm completely an idiot at needlework.

Wien and Lyon are not the only ones, they can shake hands with Destinee. She too kicks her blanket away. Before she sleeps, she'll cover herself nicely with her blanket but she'll be doing kungfu kicks with it when she's asleep.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Jess good mommy & wife ah...I only sew when buttons come off. Lol. My kids also the samelah, can karate in their sleep when we cover them with blanket.

Zara's Mama said...

Aigh.. Lyon and Wien very lucky, to have mummy who can sew nice clothes and nice quilts.

Actually their age, sure will kick the blanket one. That's why now they have sleeping bags for kids.

Lazymama said...

Nice quilt! How I wish I have the sewing skill like you.

My Yching doesn't like to cover with blanker too, she will kick it off whenever we cover the blanker for her. However, she loves to hug and smell her favorite blanket.

Vien said...

What a lovely quilt! Your daughters are so lucky.

Msau said...

wat a lovely mama much xin xi to make quilt ahh..meimei don wan but jiejie treat grab it waste mah..
My kids love to kick blanket both of them oso didn't use blanket..sometimes really worry they will get cold ler..

Egghead said...

my son also dun like to sleep under a blanket... he will also kick it off even when he is already asleep :(

so we have to make sure he wears long sleeves and long pants at night!

Sabrina said...

My son oso kick his blanket away and always will carry his legs high up whenever I want to cover him with the blanket to sleep at nite. You are so talented can stitch your own quilt. Can save money.I have to buy my own quilt.Be a little creative and I am sure you'll do even better.

blurblur said...'re very talented, can cook and sew..lucky wien and lyon and your hubby! ;)

Hmm..not only Damien kicks his blanket, the daddy also did the sometimes when i wake up in the middle of the night, i have to pull the blanket for the 2 of them..haiz...;)

chanelwong said...

admire you and your kids are soo blessed. Jeriel also that type of blanket, it was his 2005 Christmas gift from his nanny...very nice..

Jesslyn said...

Dear all,
Sewing is my hobby and the only way I past my time when I am free or good mood, hence dun praise me a lot, else I will feel kembang wan ler! LOL

My wien start using blanket when she is 3+, but sometimes still will kick it away!

at least des will cover nicely b4 sleep, my girls will never do that! But occasionaly wien will cover nicely too, depends on her mood!

karate in sleep? that's funny! I say they spin like helicopter while sleeping, no way can block them!

zara's mama,
sleep bag mainly design for kids sleep in aircond room or in cold country, otherwise they might get cold easily.

i only can sew simple quilt so far! But will challenge myself to sew a complicated one! But must find TIME first!
This one is very simple la, just join them and sew!

yeah, me too worry they will get cold!

yup, my girls are more luccky than me during childhood!

ya lor, even with eyes close, they still can kick it away! 厉害!

though can save money but i sacrified my time ler!

wah, u hv to take care 1 big baby too! LOL

nanny sew for him too! very comfy hor!

jazzmint said...

wah very nicee...i also give faythe quilt blanket, but not I sew lah, MIL sew one kekeke

khongfamily said...

You are quite good hor..sewing. Good..good. Your quilt reminded me of my own quilt I used to have when I was younger.