Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Soft Mushroom cooking type

Wonder how you guys cook this type of mushroom. Usually I will either cook it with mix vege, such as carrot, broccoli, japanese taufu, celery, some meat, etc can just add whatever you like, then seasoning with some oyster sauce. This will be a simple dish as well. p/s : no photo taken...

....or just fried like that with a little bit of oyster sauce; But I don't like to eat this way(dont know the reason too), although is simple! hehehe....FIL like this way, proof that he is not a fussy eater like me!

This is plain fried (清炒)style.

Later one of my friend taught me deep fried it with KFC powder (or any other brand that suit your taste); and the taste very nice! YUmmy yUmmy!

This is deep fried style.

If you never try before, perhaps u can give this a try. Just coated with the powder and deep fried! You can also coated with egg first before coated with the powder; just like the way we deep friend chicken. Happy trying!

p/s: anyone can share with me, is there any other cooking style for this mushroom?


Egghead said...

us guys dun cook this... LOL!

Msau said...

It look yummy wor..I gotta try it liao..

I use this to cook soup too..

just put some pork meat & celery & onion & mushroom ..that all liao..

IMMomsDaughter said...

We eat it the mix vege style, the way you mentioned. Noticed I didnt use the work "cook"? Lol. My mom's the one doing the cooking. Lucky me!!!

I wanna try the deep fried way as I heard some stalls sell it that way just like tidbits/pisang gorent.

Zara's Mama said...

Yes.. I like the deep fried style too..
When they make sweet and sour pork in vegetarian restaruant.. they do it this way. Deep fried with flour (I use corn flour), then make sweet and sour sauce.

Sometimes I cook western style.. stir fry it with garlic, salt, and oregano.. but normally I add fresh button mushrooms too to make the 'mushroom' taste stronger.

Tracy said...

I just love this kind of mushrooms. Usually I'll cook with chicken meat. I used to cut off the 'stalk' but later found dat it's very crunchy.

I've tried the deep fried style too - really yummy. We have this style of mushtooms in the food courts too but quite expensive.

Ricket said...

what is it call? Looks juicy, Isabel should like it.

Vien said...

I use this type of mushroom in stir-fry noodles. Just throw in the veggies, slices of chicken meat, oyster sauce, sesame oil, etc. (whatever to your liking). The noodles used are the longevity noodle (cheong sau meen).

chanelwong said...

I love mushroom but dont like doing deep frying....

Jesslyn said...

are u sure? so u r half of the "kuai lou" lar!

msau & vivien,
oh ya, my MIL did cook it with soup or noodles(or 面粉馃)!

Indeed u r very lucky! :P
The fried type really nice, try it!

zara's mama,
my other family members not really western style cooking ler! Each time i cook only myself finish it! :( No supporter, so got to force DH to eat! LOL

yeah, buying from outside is expensive! One raw packet only cost less than RM2, and u can eat as much as u can!

I only know it's one type of mushroom but not sure the actual name. Try to search it in supermarket.

Jesslyn said...

thot most ppl will prefer deep fried style ler!

blurblur said...

Both Damien and myself love mushrooms! Thanks for giving me another idea to 'deal' with the mushroom...i'll have to let mum knows so she can cook..hehehe..;p

kwloong said...

I love mushrooms, any kind except those that cannot eat. With this mushroom, you can also put it into soup like tom yam or ABC. You can fried it like tempura. Bake it with cheese.

I love the black mushroom with minced meat and cooked with sauce. Simply delicious.


kwloong said...

Oooh this is called Abalone Mushroom.

chanelwong said...

jesslyn, what I mean I don't like deep fried cooking because lazy to clean the kitchen..hi hi

Jesslyn said...

in fact i need other cooking style from u guys, but seem like u guys got the idea from my post! LOL

tks for the baking with cheese style, sure will try it!

oh like that har! yeah, headache hor hv to clean mess after frying!:P