Thursday, December 01, 2005

All About Lyon

Lyon very attached to me and she demand a lot of attention from me too! If daddy or someone carry her, and I am not within her eye-sight, then is fine. If she happen to see me passing by, and ignore her, then she will cry until I carry her, sigh! I still couldn't figure out why she so glued to me, Wien is different from her, at least Wien can stick to others! Hai, this girl 真是令我又爱又恨! Lyon still on cruising stage, though she can stand with support but so far she yet to make her first step. Recently she would want us to support her to stand, after she stand, she will push our hands away mean she want to show off that she can stand alone la! When she stands alone, she will keep clapping her hands and smiling! So cute when see her action like that! Sometimes we will hold her hand and guide her to walk, but she will walk in big step, like King Kong walk! It’s funny when see her walk like that! Every one of us have to give way, if not kena her big step, sure swollen wan! Kekeke.. She can communicate with us, of course in her baby language! I think only we understand her meaning. While carrying her, if she want to go outside, she will keep pointing at the door, then say : huu huu..ah ah ah.. When we off the fan, she will shake her hand; mean the fan no longer spinning. When we on the TV, she will grab the remote control and point it towards TV. When we on the air-cond, she will point the remote control towards the air-cond too! Seem like want to adjust the temperature! When Wien on the CD, she will shake head and leg, clap hand, mean the show is on! When she touch the thing that not suppose to touch, and we say : No, No, No, she will shake her head, mean cannot touch ha..(with her funny look) When see us eating, she will quickly crawl towards us and say : mum mum mum.. When she is eating something, and we request some from her, she will either run away from us or put some into our mouth (depend on her mood!) All these actions will come with her baby er hu hu ha ha ah ah..dunno how to describe too! We do not talk the same to her but we talk to her in proper language, so that she can pick up fast and can talk fast! Wien can talk in simple sentence while she is 16 months, we also teach her the same way. Let's see Lyon can achieve the same or not! 加油!静杰!


Egghead said...

when she starts to walk... you will hear more of "no!", "don't", "aiyah!", "naughty!" etc. leh!

Annie said...

Ur Lyon one year old already fast. She's so cute leh! *cubit* *cubit*. She's also very clever. Wah! i think in two years time, u can goyang kaki liao!!

Zara's Mama said...

Lyon is very much like Zara.. she glues to me as well everytime she sees me.

If I worked from home, it's difficult to walk into the living room (where she's playing), without her crying (pretend) for me to carry her. Normally, I'll just go over, pick her up, give her a hug and says, "mummy has to work, you play with kakak" and turn a deaf ear to her further protest. :P

I heard the 1st kid normally develops faster than the 2nd, from your experiance, is it true?

Jesslyn said...

now already can hear that around the hse liao!

goyang kaki? hope so hope so!

zara's mama:
we are in the same boat! :P
Ya, i also think that Wien develop faster than Lyon.