Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Birthday Girl & the weekend

29/04/06 As planned, we threw a mini party for Wien's 4th birthday tonight. We only called SILs's family and their kids to join the fun. Wien very excited as she received few present from them. As usual, I prepared some simple dish to serve them, not forget the cake too! My present already given to her on her exact date, both Wien and Lyon like it very much! Is a bowling set! But naughty Wien sometimes not allow mei mei to play with it; after few time "lecture" with her, now both can play together with the set! Else I have to keep them in store room.

Cute moment from Lyon

Lyon cannot see the cake clearly, so I placed her to sit on the table while Wien get ready to blow the candle. Right after we finish singing birthday song, she quickly finish blowing all the candles, Wien cannot even blow one! Then I light on the candle again, told Lyon that should let jie jie blow them, not u! She seem can understand.

After that, hubby ask me light on the candle again as he want Lyon to blow it this round. When we ask Lyon to blow it, she clap her hands pulak, meaning that she want us to sing the birthday song first! we sing again, after that only she blow the candle!

During cake cutting session, Lyon's toe accidentally "kick" the cake, everyone said dun want to cut that portion for them, they said dirty feet wor...but Wien go and lick the cake that stick to Lyon's toe! Can u imagine that? My silly girl!! Hubby managed to snap the scents too!


Back to my mum house, spent the day with her....


Monday night, hubby took us out for dinner at Duyong Ikan Bakar, to celebrate my birthday in advance. We drive for 1 hour only reach there. It was in a fishing village, can see many boats parking along the river too. Both girls very excited when see the boats. We ordered many food, including : sweet & sour fish, ikan bakar, fried big prawn, lala fried with chilli padi, fried sotong and nasi lemak. Lyon has her pre-prepared porridge, also share some non spicy food with us! Wien can take those food except spicy lala. She keep telling us : Mummy, the prawn very sweet, the sotong very nice ler! The nasi lemak was served with banana leave, Wien said: 妈咪,我们很可怜 hor ,用叶子吃饭!(Mummy, we very pity hor, have to use leave to eat rice!)

Wien and my birthday only different by exactly 1 week. After celebrating my birthday, next will be Mother's Day, have not think of how to celebrate this day yet. Just love April & May, so many days can celebrate!


magictree said...

Wah..the cake is 'toes' licking good huh?

Egghead said...

I wonder how Wien is going to throw you a birthday party?!

Wien sure was enjoying herself :)

Jason said...

Happy birthday loh~ (tomorrow mah!)

mumsgather said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Don't forget to show us your cake. :)


wien is such a cutie...she even understand it's a pity to eat rice from a leave- very smart!


Potential Mom said...

hey... present hor... my present for Wien is on the way...!! hehe...

and happy birthday in advance lor.. ur birthday and my mom birthday just after 4 days.. ehhehe....

so happy hor... basically, for my family, from march until june also got big day, my brother birtdhay on march, mine on april, mom on may, dad on june... hehe.. continous...

Lazymama said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Wien!

Happy birthday to Jess!

Happy birthday to myself too! :P

p/s: our birthday is very close!

mom2ashley said...

happy belated bday to wien and happy bday to mommy!!! so many special oocassions this month huh!

jazzmint said...

Happy belated birthday Wien!! really don't mind licking the cake from lyon, so cute

blurblur said...

Happy belated birthday Wien! Happy Birthday, Mummy!:)

Wah, it's very exciting when so many important occasions fall on the same month...;)

Zara's Mama said...

Happy Birthday!!! To Wien.

And soon.. mummy!

Wien not jealous ah? Lyon gets to blow candles also on her cake?

I think I'd been to Duyong Ikan Bakar before.. Lots of flies and cats one is it? Although the food is good.. She's so cute.. said 用叶子吃饭

Jesslyn said...

Hi All:
thank you for all the wishes!


it was ice-cream cake, she dun want to waste it lor! lol

she dun know how to do that now!
Told her i want present too, then she ask me buy it myself, then let her wrap wor!

wishes in advance? anyway thank you.

might not have cake this year as we already ate 2 cakes in 2 weeks time (MIL & wien's cake)!

2 little fellas:
last time we brought her to mamak stall under a tree, she also said we very pity hor, eat under the

ya, if family member a lot, then can celebrate it every month hor!

issit? then wish u Happy Birthday lor!

next mth u can throw a party to ashley too!

that girl ha sometimes very dirty one ler!

i think kids are the most happier one la!

zara's mama:
surprisingly wien not yell, she just wait for me to ligth it again!
flies & cats? no wor, quite clean ler.

magictree said...

Oohh...I love ice-cream cake...always get that when we celebrate birthdays.

Allyfeel said...

Hahaha...Wien is so adorable and cute. Can lick lick mei mei's toe. Gosh! Must keep that photo for future showcase.

I wonder where did little one get those ideas from hor. She can say ,我们很可怜 hor?? She is so sweet.

1+2mom said...

Happy belated birthday Wien!!!Auntie sylvia was late :(

Wow!!My son and your wien almost same birthday. When is she birthday?? My son is on 2nd May :)

AsleyLee said...

Wow,jie jie too loves mei mei even not mind to lick her toes.

Wish you happy birthday in advance then wish you again when on you exact day! Double wishes from me!!