Wednesday, May 31, 2006


小不点 - Lyon refuse to nap in afternoon now!! Don't know what's wrong with her! Hope this is just a phase, and hope it will over very very soon! Otherwise MIL will has difficulty looking after her and she cannot nap too! This happened since last Friday, I was at home too. She used to sleep in electric cuddle (aka sarong) ; now each time we try to put her in, she will cry and struggle a lot. Fine, maybe it's time she stop using it, good sign also. So I put her on tilam and pat her, she also reject. No choice, I cuddle her in my arms and sing to her. She dozz off within 10 minuts! Yipeeeee...I am so happy finally she sleep! I confirm she sound asleep, then I gently placed her on tilam. But this 小不点 slept for 15 minutes, then wake up with crying, cry like no tomorrow. I cuddle her again but she refuse to continue her nap! I was so frust, I am that type that kids must nap at least 1 hour in a day; other wise they will be very cranky before bed time. Soothe her quite long time, only she calm down and stop crying. After that she play as usual as it nothing happen before. The following days (till Sunday), she also behave the same, refuse to nap. Again, I carry and cuddle her, then she sleep at my arm again. Put her to mattress and she can nap more than 1 hour. What a relief for me! Before this she can nap in sarong for about 3 hours, very long nap indeed! Then all of us can nap together with her. Start from Monday, I back to work since MIL already at home. She totally no nap at all, MIL pat her on mattress, FAIL! Carry and cuddle her to sleep, also FAIL! End up she running and playing around the house the whole afternoon, also cause poor Wien cannot nap too! When I back from work, she start cling to me, become cranky too! I was so tire and frust, quickly bath her and feed her. When everything done, it already 8pm; so by 8.30pm I sent her to room to sleep. Give her milk, before finish the milk, she already doze off!! I can imagine how tire she is!! Tuesday, same thing happen! Today hopefully she will nap, I really cannot stand she so cranky, make all of us tire too! Pray hard today will be a better day for me!


Egghead said...

cannot sleep also cannot force her ler... no choice... try making her tired by doing stuff with her like swimming, go jalan jalan etc.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Hope it's a phase she is going through...I know how tired it is if we cannot nap with the kids after looking after them. Good luck!

mumsgather said...

Probably its just a passing phase that she needs to adjust to from electric cradle to tilam. Hang in there! I know how tiring it is when they get cranky in the evenings from not having had a nap!

Zara's Mama said...

I think it's passing phase.
Zara also now very hard to sleep nap.. too excited.. Wants to play nonstop.
Then like you say loh, at night my turn to jaga her become cranky, stick to me like glue.

AsleyLee said...

Sometimes Jo also like this, played on the full day without nap, regardless how i forced him, he still open his eyes big big!

kwloong said...

Maybe she is facing separation anxiety. Don't wanna mummy to leave her. Talk to her that you always be there. She will understand.

Last time when Emily was a baby, I play soft music when she sleeps. When she hear that music, she know it is time to sleep. Till today, I have no problem getting her to sleep. Maybe she is like me who loves sleeping...:P


Tracy said...

No use forcing 小不点 to nap if she doesn't want, u'll get more geram. Just let her be and she'll get tired and gradually will doze off. So, does she go to bed early these few days?

Des used to nap at around 2 in the afternoon but now at about 4 p.m. I advised my maid not to let her nap for too long, an hour will be enough. If she naps for too long ... haiyo ... I'll have to accompany her until 12 midnite, sometimes 1 a.m.

Jesslyn said...

weekend how to go for swimming or jalan-jalan wor!

yeah, exactly! we mummy wanna nap too! :P

be patient, be patient...that's what i can do now! If i frust more then more faster become old lady! lol

zara's mama,
yalor, they just love to play play play nonstop! how lucky to become kids hor!

wien also the same, she prefer not to nap if possible! but i not allow!

you are true! I had been with her for so many days, she look for me I guess!
emily so well train!!

oh yes, b4 9pm i already sent her to room! then only i hv some peace..:P

wien also try to skip nap sometimes, but i say cannot!! if she skip, then we told her no outing for coming weekend, then she will

jazzmint said...

maybe she's too excited with her growth...sometimes faythe also like that, and towards the end she's pretty cranky

Baby Smooches said...

grown up now, no need to sleep so much mah... wanna play play play loh..

blurblur said...

me too think it could be just a passing phase.

Like you, i also will feel very frustrated if Damien nap for less than an hour, cos he'll be very cranky around dinner time, and i'll get very frustrated...

khongfamily said...

You must be very tired. But it's a good sign that she doesn't want the cradle. Just let her be lor..

magictree said...

Your kids sleep early like mine! By 9:30 both will konked off already. Reminds me of those days when my boys don't want to take nap.....Nowadays they don't take nap anymore...I also don't care!!! Ha! Ha!

Jesslyn said...

wah, how she knew she already grown up wor!

my hubby said the same u too!

ya, these 2 days she nap at tilam now! Hope she will continue this habbit! *finger cross*

yaya, can help us save electric bill too! lol

Only lyon sleep early nia, wien can be night owl ler! *sigh*
Your boys no nap now, will they disturb u when u hv a nap then?

magictree said...

I don't nap too cos I sleep early ...scared get old! Actually, I never take naps as long as I can remember cos feel like 'wasting time'! The boys has been trained to sleep early from young, just off the light, they also off their 'sleeping switch' in no time!!!

Vien said...

I can totally relate to you. Mine doesn't nap more than 1hr and recently she refused to nap for more than 30mins. Cuddle with her till she sleeps and once that head hit the bed, eyes open big-big. So susah!

Jesslyn said...

ya, i think when they no nap, they will go to bed as early as 9 or 10pm, i am hoping this day to come too!
you are like my gynae, as he alwasy say : sleeping is waste of time! :P

your girl want to sleep in your arm lar, feel more warm and comfortable lor! Last time my Lyon also the same! can understand your tire!

Allyfeel said...

可能她心太花了,比较难静下来。BB 有时后也是这样子, 过一段日子应该会没事的。 非常了解你身与心的累。:D