Monday, May 15, 2006

My "New Toy"

Last weekend I got myself a brand new mixer (finally!!). Yeah, now I no need to use hands to do the mixing! ....guess you guys must be thinking : huh? no mixer? so charm hah? hahaha...I am very pity indeed. Before this, my hands are my mixer; when getting tired already, I asked my brother or sister to help me! I still can survive without mixer for such a long time, poor me. In fact I stop baking since Wien is born. Before that I love to bake Banana Cake or cookies during CNY. After having her (now with addition of Lyon), me even no time to bake. The mixer just arrived on time, meaning I can bake cake ( or cakes) for Mother's Day. So I went to supermarket buy for all the necessary ingredients, and do the baking on Friday night. Then the next day, I bake another banana cake for my own mum and bring back to her on the same day. Then again on Sunday afternoon, I bake butter cake for MIL and for myelf as the cake for Mother's Day! I even coated the butter cake with chocolate and some colorful sugar, so that my girls will love it. When the cake is done with all these, Wien decorate it with her new toy, the snow white (from McDonald) where she just got it on Saturday night and Hello Kitty; meanwhile MIL pick a rose,put on it too! Hahaha....finally the cake look like as it we buy from bakery shop! LOL Wow, I had bake 3 cakes in this weekend.....more cakes are coming! Who want? who want? My mixer & Banana Cake
Butter cake coated with chocolate.


Zara's Mama said...

wah.. 1 weekend bake 3 cakes ah?? Terror.

Eh.. give me butter cake recipe.. I always would love to try to bake a good butter cake.

Eh.. your cake looks quite evently bake.. so nice.. no crack, no burnt..

mumsgather said...

I want! I want! The only time I baked was doing homescience in school up to Form 3 only. I would love to bake but I don't have an oven let alone a mixer ler. Ppl new broom sweep clean, you new mixer bake kao kao! Hehehe.

blurblur said...

Wow...i also want! i also want!

I love your chocolate cakes..very tempting leh..with all the colourful sugar..yum yum! :)

Baked 3 cakes over the long weekend,you're my idol..i think i can't even bake 1 cake in 3 days..hahaha..;p

mIcHe said...

wah..u so keng ah...3 cakes in one weekend.
friday - one
saturday - one
sunday - one

isit? :)

Jason said...


jazzmint said...

wah 1 weekend 3 cakes, ur Oven is working OT kekeke...

I've yet to venture into cakes, something which I wouldn't dare, scare later the cake explode haha

khongfamily said... really love baking,huh. Your cakes turned out very nice lehh. Makes me 'lau hau sui'..hahaha.

I love baking too. I baked when I was pregnant but not anymore since Brae was born. Will bake again when I have the time...after seeing your nice cake.

Care to share your secret recipes?

mom2ashley said...

wow! you are on the roll! my mum bakes LOVELY cakes as well..i've yet to learn from her..i just eat! heheh

1+2mom said...

wah very nice cake!!You so hardworking to bake 3 cake in a week, geng!!
I also so long didnt bake cake. I think since after form 3..haha.Schooling time need to bake cake at school so no choice and exam too. That time very hardworking make so many cake.

Jesslyn said...

Zara's mama:
hahaha, siao mummy hor!
chk your gmail mailbox for the recepi!

too bad u stay in KL, other wise can send some to u! :P
I bake it during my girls nap time, if not also cannot la, they will come & kacau me!

u even further, singapore wor, so far!
idiol? no la, Twinsmom better than me, her parents has bakery shop b4! must learn from her now!

yup yup, u count correctly!

ok, when we got the chance to meet, sure bake for u!
cake exchange for the ticket?? good deal? lol

not only oven OT, the mixer too!
try it la, me also learn from mistake b4.

bake it during your boy nap time lor! Later send u the recepi ya! chk your mail box then.

my mum never bake cake for us so far as she don't know! i bake for her when i hv time!
you have good teacher ler, faster learn from your mum lar!

1+2 mom:
ya, me too learn baking, cooking & sewing during school time, also gain interest from there! It's so fun.

Tracy said...

Wah, see u got a new toy. Making use of it the fullest extend huh? I'm trying to get one (automatic) myself.

Heehee, *hi five* I baked myself a banana cake for mother's day too.

Wow! Ur chocolate cake sure has lots of chocolate. Yummy, yummy.

Allyfeel said...

Wah, ur mil and mother sure very happy one. Your cake looks so nice and yummy.

It's really a good idea to bake cake for mothers. I should have done that. I made one black forest cake for my mom's mother's day before bb's born.

Jesslyn said...

since it's new, so mai testing out till fullest extent lor! if got problem can quickly go and exchange mah! (me kiasu lar!)

u can bake black forest cake? wow, pls share with me the recepi!

AsleyLee said...

Wow,never known that you're good in baking!