Thursday, May 18, 2006


晚餐后,妈咪通常会喂大瓜和小瓜吃鱼肝油。 After dinner, mummy usually will feed the girls with cod liver. 妈咪(Me):来吃鱼肝油啰!(Come, we take cod liver now) 大瓜(W):我先!(Me first) 小瓜(L):我先!(Me first) 大瓜(W):我先!(大声一点)(Me first)…louder a bit… 小瓜(L):我先!(更大声一点)(Me first)..louder a bit too 大瓜(W):我先!(更大声一点)(Me first)..more louder 小瓜(L):我先!(更更大声一点)(Me first)..more more louder a bit 大瓜(W):阿妹,阿姐先!(凶凶的对小瓜说)(Ah Mei, let Ah Jie first!)…angrily talk to Lyon.. 妈咪(Me):阿姐,不可以大声跟小妹讲话。(Ah Jie, cannot talk so loud to Ah Mei) 小瓜(L):我先!(开始哭了!)(Me first)…start crying… 大瓜(W):我先,我先,我先!(Me first, me first, me first) 。。。就这样你一句我一句的争吵。。。忽然。。 …so they are arguing and fighting to be the first…meanwhile I was washing the spoon and opening the cover, keep asking them don't shout. 小瓜(L):安静!(忽然间刹出这句话,吓了我们一跳!小瓜说的时候还咬牙切齿呢!) Keep quiet! (Suddenly Lyon say this word, we really surprise. She talk in stern and fierce voice too!) 说完安静后,小瓜又继续哭。妈咪只好叫爸爸把大瓜带去个客厅; 喂完小瓜后才把大瓜叫进来。 After she say keep quiet, she continue her crying. So I have to call papa to pull wien to living hall; after feeding Lyon only bring her back to me to feed her. 唉!时常酱维护小瓜,造成她有点霸道了。幸亏通常在这种情况下,爸爸都会来替大瓜解围, 悄悄的对大瓜说:是小妹坏蛋!哈哈!不然大瓜会以为我们偏心呢! Most of the time we back up for Lyon (since she is the youngest), so we always ask Wien to give in to her, some how this really make Lyon thought that she can bully her jie jie. If this kind of situation happen, papa usually will back up for Wien and secretly told her : it’s mei mei fault, she’s naughty! If not I am sure Wien will think we sayang Lyon more than her!


Lazymama said...

Really not easy to handle two kids huh! So young already started shouting to eash other. :P

jazzmint said...

wah quiet quiet she's also fierce hoh

Msau said...

really hard to equally love them ahh...I meant let them felt parents r love them equally lah..I'm still learning..scare SQ will tot I sayang MeiMei more then her...

Sue said...

Err... maybe next time can alternate lor... today Jie Jie first, tmr Mei Mei first, next day Jie Jie first and so on, no arguments :P

mumsgather said...

I hear you. I have the exact same problem. :)

blurblur said...

Wah, Lyon also can be very fierce hor...i sked sked...;p

They love cod liver's oil? Damien love it too...but i hate it when i was a kid! ;)

Zara's Mama said...

hmm.. mummy always let Lyon get away with a lot of things, but Wien always kena from you all woh..

A bit 偏心 woh.

Sometimes must let Wien 'win' also la.

Adrian & Alvan said...

Emm...or may try to ask them hold the spoon and feed themselve..err..can also argue for to give who 1st on spoon hor..susah, lucky i dont have this problem, Adrian will let didi have 1st..:D

Jesslyn said...

ya lor..wonder can I hv handle if 3 kids in the house?

we really shock when she say that, kecil kecil cili padi wor!

get your hubby to involve, one side for each but cannot like always mummy sayang the youngest, hv to change role sometimes!
difficult hor to be FAIR parent!

usually i alternate the turn too but they still will shout : me first, me first!! sigh

oh great!

ya they love the orange favour!

zara's mama,
no 偏心 la...most of the time wien bully lyon ler! so i hv to sayang lyon more then let's papa sayang wien lor!

sometimes wien will let mei mei first but sometimes nope!
adrian so good boy hor!

AsleyLee said...

Sometimes be the youngest is so pity but contrary sometimes is just like king.

kwloong said...

I am also facing the same situation, but sometimes I side Tim, rather than Emily. Need a balance.

Wah your Lyon very fierce!! Best, next time, just feed, no need to say "Come, we take cod liver oil".

You will save lots of energy..:P


Jesslyn said...

i promised to myself: equal love to all my kids! must not 偏心! not like my mum, love boys more than we sisters! :(

ya, my fault la! usually i start the game first by calling them like that.

Allyfeel said...

下次准备两支汤匙, 把鱼肝油倒上排在桌子上, 叫大瓜小瓜来比赛看谁先吃完。应该不会吵了挂? 哈哈!