Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Below moment happen quite often recently..... In living hall, Wien hook at TV watching her carton series, Lyon entertaining herself by playing those toys or book. We adult either read newspaper or just sitting there watch the carton series. Suddenly Wien go to Lyon, grab the thing that she hold.... Wien : 妹,这是阿姐的!(Mei, this is mine! ) Lyon : 阿姐!(Ah Jie!) ...shout with her loud and stern voice, eyes looking straight (瞪) at Wien! Wien : ....still ignore Lyon, play the stuff that she grab.... Lyon : 阿姐!(Ah Jie! ) ... she shout again with more louder and stern voice!...I expect she'll cry and complaint to me as usual, but she is not, she scold her jie jie in her way! haha...very cute moment indeed! Of course I cannot stand with Wien's bad attitute, I talk to her.... Me : 维,给回小妹!( Give back to xiao mei) Wien : 我的,不要! ( It's mine, no!) Me : 妈咪讲给回她, 小妹先拿的!(Mummy said give back, she play the toy first!) Wien : ...unwillingly threw back to Lyon, then show her fierce face with arm band to Lyon..... Lyon : ...happily took back and continue to play... Naughty Wien bully Lyon again, at the end, kena scold & lecture by mummy again.


mumsgather said...

My older one always try to snatch toys from the younger one as well but after a few instances of interference from us (the parents), the younger one has got wiser and started whining at every opportunity even when he is the one doing the snatching so now its hard to tell whether he's being bullied or just whining when his sister won't give in to his snatching. (*rolls eyes*)

Egghead said...

hehe... I foresee more of such "referee job" for you in the future hor? LOL!

domesticgoddess said...

this is a familiar scene at my place too...

blurblur said...

It's already tough when you're dealing with one, what more two hor...;)

Aiyo...Lyon also very fierce hor..i sked sked..hahaha..

Robin said...

haha,, the quarrel of joys and many more years to enjoy this before they grow up.

thanks for sharing this.

jazzmint said...

why suddenly she spotted the toys is hers, i thought she's watching tv!! poor lyon

AsleyLee said...

Good to have somebody to grab around, at least more "noisy".

I wish there is another kid to grab goods around with Jo, at least he is not too lonely.

chanelwong said...

sometimes don't know whether we should scold and laugh seeing kids snatching things.

Zara's Mama said...

why don't want to share share one??

Does she ever willingly share her things with Lyon?

Tracy said...

Having 2 or more kids will always be very 'yit lau' and will always hear and see them grabbing things from each other.

Wah, ur Lyon's so garang one ah? Haha, finally she won over her Ah Jie.

Jesslyn said...

me worry this will happen to lyon too! so got to careful when i act as "referee"! lol

very good term hor! wow another role for me in the house!

u hv 2 kids, sure u know the scents!

ya lor, kecil kecil chilli padi ler!

Hi, welcome to my blog!
U love dog very much issit? your blog full with dog pic!

one eye watch TV, one eye turning here and there lor! LOL

worry Jo lonely? then get him a sibling lar.

i will scold but laugh in my mind.:P

sometimes wien very selfish la, but sometimes will share too!

2 already 'yit lau', what if i hv 3 har? wah, cannot imagine then!

Allyfeel said...

I think it's good that you taught her well. With own sibblings I guess it's till okay.