Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How to plant it?

"How to plant it?" 2 mummies left this comment in my previous post. So, this short post, courtesy for Twinsmom and Magictree…(psst psst…I thought everyone know how to plant it ler, that’s why I only showed it in slide show in my previous post.) Ok, to plant vegetable is very easy. Get ready the soil and the seed, that’s it. You can plant either in polystyrene or pot. The seed can get it from supermarket or from fertilizer shop, so does the soil. You want to korek soil from roadside also can, but make sure not caught by bandaraya wor! LOL From the slide, noticed my girls pouring something onto the soil? That’s was spinach seed. After pouring the seed, dun forget to water it daily, also can use your kids’ virgin urine (but make sure dilute with water wor!)…hahaha… Yesterday my hubby prepared another polystyrene, put in some soil, then ask the girls to pour in the sayur sawi's seed (菜心米) this round..sorry, I don't how to call this in English, becos of my half pail water English....now, just wait for it to sprout! Spring Green Onion Other than vege that we plant, my MIL also plant spring onion. This one also simple, she got few 秧苗 from her friend, and plant it in polystyrene too. She told me this spring onion called 四季葱 (4 season onion??), very nice and tasty as compare to those sell at wet market. I cannot differentiate them, for me there are the same...LOL Well , to plant spring onion also simple. Get ready the soil, make small hole, then put in one shallot per hole, until your polystyrene is full with all the shallots. Dun forget to water them daily, but cannot put excessive water in earlier stage (MIL say one), scare the shallot might become rotten at the bottom. Within few days, you can see green leave sprouting out from the shallot. Beside the spring onion (as shown in above picture) was shive, 韭菜, also planted by MIL. This one also got the 秧苗 from her friend. I am not sure whether can get the seed from market or not, as I never seen it before. But I noticed there were some seed after the shive's flower become dry; perhaps can use it to plant. Once started plant the spring onion and shive, you can eat them almost everyday, just like us now! MIL add it in almost every dish, in soup too! Old folk said eat more spring onion, will become very intellingent wor (葱=聪)! Believe or not? :P So, Twinsmom & Magictree, did my explaination help? Sorry, no step by step photos to show...


jazzmint said...

hehe...i planted bean sprout when I was young...but didn't have patience, halfway thru see something sprouting good enough hahaha...

looks like soon u don't need to buy veg liao, ur 2 lil farmers very rajin

Zara's Mama said...

me no patience with planting things.. the only think I plant is money plant, b'cos no maintenance.. just dip it in water only.

mumsgather said...

Nice, nice, soon you'll have whole garden full of veges. Should try planting some pandan leaves etc. Can save a lot of money yunno.

Twinsmom said...

Oh... I see...

I just plant two pot of spring onion, don't know how it will grow :P, but anyway the girls very happy to see the plant (pot), they staring at it for hours thought it will grow flower as fast as like their game in PC.

Jesslyn said...

we still hv to buy other type of vege ler! If everyday eat spinach or sawi, sure jelak one! :P

Zara's mama:
money plant need to change water too!

hehehe...my house also got pandan, serai, limau kasturi, longan, mango and star fruit tree..some plant outside the house, make full use of empty space. and i am stay in kampung though...LOl

Tracy said...

Wah, how nice to have a house with a garden to plant so many types of veggie.

Aiyo, can I plant the spring onions in a pot indoor or not ar (heehee, silly question, isn't it? But love to plant them cos a few strands of spring onions cost so expensive in the market.

AsleyLee said...

Jess,so good can plant for your own, good to have organic veggies.

Recently i also plant the spring onion, i put the seedling(秧苗)inside the water, but not sure can grow up or not.

chanelwong said...

aiya, stay in apartment no space and somemore I not time, actually lazy hi hi..

how I wish you are staying nearby then can buy fresh and organic vege from you.........

khongfamily said...

Very good tips. Unfortunately I don't have the time to plant lerr. When my boy is bigger, I'm sure search for your 2 lil' farmers.

Blogie-Talkie said...

about the green onion 葱, I once heard the radio station talking about how to trim the green onions 葱, make sure to trim until the end(very bottom, I think), or else if you trim too little, it will leave hole for bug to leave in.

Ricket said...

Expert siah... I've tried planting chilli but it never grew more than 6 inches. I guess I don't have the green finger.

magictree said...

"You want to korek soil from roadside also can, but make sure not caught by bandaraya wor! "

That was so funny!

Gee thanks for the explanation! You see I am very very scared of cacing one, so I'll my maid to do it. Ha! Ha! Will buy the seeds the next time I go do my groceries!!!

Allyfeel said...

My old folks also think Onion is for intelligence- 聪 and eggplant symbolizes strength - 强.

Jesslyn said...

opps, I mean not stay in kampung!

then u get the girls to plant flower la, sure they very excited when see the flower come out! Plant 风仙花, very easy too!

maybe can ler, try to put the pot near to window lor, to get the sunshine!

never try in water yet, will it rotten at the bottom?

if u stay nearby, then i can just pick some for u! our vege not even enough for selling lar!

haha, welcome! anytime u can look for them.

good tips, will let my MIL know then. Thanx!

chilli not easy to plant too, really depend on green finger!

cacing very good for planting wor..but i scare too!

hehehe, i thot only hakka think like that!

kwloong said...

No wonder so tasty, got urine..hahaha. How come one time my son accidentally pee on the grass, all of them die, even though I use water to wash it away. *scratch head*