Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The making of "spider"

These few days I always saw many papers lying here and there after I back from work. Must be Wien's job again, she like to cut paper nowadays, be it newspaper, paper or flyer. But good thing is she never cut her book, if she want to cut, she'll ask for our permission. She can handle scissor well, but still unable to cut in good shape. I only worry she might hurt Lyon one day. So each time have to remind her to becareful when using scissor; also cannot run while holding scissor! Well, she taught me DIY spider last weekend. Funny hor, small kid teach an adult to do crafting! hehehe...she learn it from one of Barney show with Ma Ma's guide, as she always accompany her watching those series. ok, get ready a piece of used paper, scissor, color paper with sticker type (use this to do spider's eyes, mouth and nose...or use pen to draw also can lar) Here we goes.... Fold the paper into half; place the hand on it and drew it out. Draw at folded side, so can get 2 set of hands with join (hope this is clear, else pls refer the photo!) Then cut out the hand; see, 2 hands join together, isn't look like a spider? but spider only got 10 legs meh?? Little teacher : 等一下,要减掉 GOOD, 然后就变成八只脚啰!(Hang on, must cut out the GOOD! then become 8 legs only lor!)...so she place the hand on floor again, to find out which is the GOOD and cut it! She always call thumb as GOOD, as we always show thumb up when say something good! ok, now become 8 legs only! Later she cut the eyes, the nose & the mouth for the spider! ok, gao tim! but don't expect a small kid to cut pretty well hor! p/s: hope you guys understand what I wrote, share this with your kids, sure they'll have fun with it!


Zara's Mama said...

Hah.. thumb is good ah?? Cute..

I also should do arts and craft with Zara ler..

Nowadays only do play dough and painting with her.

Baby Smooches said...

wow! really creative lah... can make baju, can make kids' art, can make any thing!

jazzmint said...

cool...things our kids learn that we never know huh

mom2ashley said...

how clever!!! i prefer barney to baby einstein.

blurblur said...

Wow..she's very good with arts and crafts..thanks for sharing the idea..i can try it out with Damien..;)

Msau said...

Wien very pandai wor..ur mother sure a great babysitter lar..guide her so nicely..

magictree said...

Smart girl - can be a teacher oredi! Really multi-talented girl!!

Tracy said...

Both thumbs up for Wien! She's very good at using the scissors leh. Wah, really can learn a lot from Barney hor?

Des can only cut odd sizes pieces from the paper. Must show her how Wien jeh jeh uses the scissors lor.

Twinsmom said...

Ohh... god idea, I am sure this is very fun, but I afraid to let my girls handle jian-dao leh... nanti they cut their own hair.

Jesslyn said...

zara's mama,
zara still too small to do cutting lar, we dare not let lyon try so far.

we try to let them play our childhood games or craft now! hope those thing continue to their generation!

now when turn on Barney cd, lyon will "hum" the song, seem like she also enjoy barney!
TV still a very good babysister for me!

me too!

ya, try it out with Damien, sure he love it! but becareful with the scissor wor!

ya, my MIL quite talented in some field! She love to show new thing to them.

she only can become teacher at home! i ask her to teach her friend in sunday school, she refuse pulak! sigh

at begining, make sure des use scissor under your supervision hor!

hahaha, wien ever cut her hair too! 不要紧的,只要没剪到肉就行了!

HMom said...

Very creative. HI Jesslyn, soon I will have to get tips from you on entertaining 2 girls!

Jesslyn said...

hi, welcome!
get tips from me? i am still lot of thing to learn though! LOL

Sue said...

Wow, not bad wor... the spider looks nice :) Clever Wien can teach mummy step by step :P

AsleyLee said...

Since she loves crafting, you can buy the 纸花 for her.

Allyfeel said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Cut out the GOOD...kekeke...wien is so cute.

After cutting the spider, did she sing the incy wincy spider song or not?