Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hubby told me he 撞鬼 (meet a ghost) in his factory. One day he called his female colleague (to ask for help) via phone, just call her Axx… Hubby : 哈啰!请问你可以帮。。。(talked in MANDARIN) Axx : Sorry, I am not understand what you said, becos I cannot understand MANDARIN. Hubby : Opps, sorry! Can you do me a favour….(bla bla bla …..) Few days later, hubby meets this Axx in person at the work place. He saw she was talking to another male colleague, in MANDARIN!!! With very fluent slang too! Suddenly he felt this girl so ugly…… I asked him why not go to her and asked: eh, I thought you cannot speak MANDARIN?? Hubby said he don’t want to do that as he knew she look down those who speak MANDARIN only say like that mah, 何必跟她一般见识呢?That's why he told me he "meet the ghost"(pretend to be ang moe type) in office! *sigh* 会讲华语很可耻吗?会讲英语很了不起吗?可悲可悲!


Msau said...


aiyah..donno lah.這樣的人並不少..

Sue said...

How can look down on those who speak mandarin and then speak mandarin herself???

Zara's Mama said...

I thought he really 撞鬼. 原来撞红毛鬼.

Nowadays you should feel proud talking in Mandarin la.. b'cos of China opening up.

Potential Mom said...

aiyah.... i tot ur husband really chuang gui as ur title write like that..ahhaa

erm... if we as chinese din speak mandarin, then mandarin ler who to speak ler??

same goes to if chinese din learn mandarin, then who will learn?? isit let those malay or indian ppl learn??

AsleyLee said...

Oh,原来撞到一个“爱脸" 的鬼!

I'm so puzzled why some people like to pretend don't know Mandarin but exactly they can speak fluently?! Is it vile to speak Mandarin?

Egghead said...

err... I actually look down on people who can actually speak mandarin to me but decided not to, just to look high class... LOL!

Jesslyn said...


funny ppl only like that lar, pretend to be high class mah!

zara's mama,
now so many diff race ppl send their kids to chinese school, just to learn extra language; yet this REAL chinese doesn't want to speak Mandarin pulak! pity her in fact!

still many malay & indian love to learn chinese, no worry!

yes, she is "爱脸" 的鬼!so precious to describe her this way! lol

me too look down those ppl!

Tracy said...

Errrr .... I don't know how to speak fluent Mandarin too. But I'll use my half past six Mandarin to bombard whoever tries to be funny with me! Kekekekeke.

blurblur said...

yeah, i can't stand those who can speak fluent Mandarin but insist on not using that language...sigh..

1+2mom said...

we should look down this type of ppl. Know manderin pretend dunno, if u go out find job know 1 more language means you got 1 more chance then other ler especially know manderin nowaday very hard to find those really know manderin ppl.

Allyfeel said...

现在还有这种这么底智慧的人?真可悲! 您老公讲得对, 不要跟她一般见识来降低我们高尚的人格。