Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Worry worry....relief!

Today I am in office but my heart was at home!! Becos today is hubby's turn to take care the girls; wondering can he make it? He ever alone with the girls without my present but that time MIL was around. Furthermore, Lyon having fever too, due to the jab (DTP, Polio and Hib). Yesterday morning i brought her to clinic for the jab (she is 18 months lor!) , the fever was within my expectation as last time Wien also got the fever after the jab. Afternoon no fever (still feed her paracetamol after back from clinic as advise by the nurse) but she is crying and fussing, complaining her thigh (jab's place) : 痛痛,很痛!(pain pain, very pain!). She wants me carry her all the time and refuse to come down and walk. Each time put her down, she cry and said : 痛痛 (pain pain!)! From that moment I already worry whether hubby can handle her or not the next day? At night, high fever, another sleepless night for me. Constantly feed her medicine, after medicine, her eyes half open half close, refuse to lie down but want me to carry her at my arm. Put her on cooling pillow also she don't want, sponging her also kena reject..*sigh* When she really sound asleep, only I put her down, lucky I still can catch up 4-5 hours of sleep! hahaha...but still look like panda this morning. After half way doing my work just now, I called hubby to ask for Lyon's condition; surprisingly he told me Lyon now walking and running here and there lor, no fever too and ask me dun worry too much lar, just concentrate on my work! Phew.... Lyon's latest weight is 9.70kg!! Yahoooo....finally break 9kg! She used to be a very light in previous month.

MIL admitted on Monday afternoon, the GH do nothing on her, just let her sleep and rest there.
Tuesday, check her blood pressure and also check for her blood group; other than this do nothing too; have to sleep 2 night there for nothing! *sigh*
So coincidence, hubby's uncle (also MIL's brother) admitted to same hospital too, so MIL took the chance to visit him when she got the time.
Today (Wed) only schedule for the surgery, hope everything goes well for her! btw, Wien and Lyon miss their Ma Ma very much, especially Lyon.
On and off, Lyon will ask this ....
Lyon: Ma Ma, Ma Ma ( wondering where is her ma ma)
Me : 嬷嬷在医院。(Ma Ma in hospital)
Lyon : 还没有回。(not yet back ha!)..yeah she can finish the whole sentence...
MIL will call them from hospital too, guess she must be missing them. When she called, this 2 girls keep fighting to talk over the phone, lucky my house has 2 phone, so they can shouting over the phone too!


Zara's Mama said...

Zara also had fever on the 2nd day after her jab.

But luckily she recovered fast, only fever during the day.. or else it'll be tough for me, since hubby not around. :(

Little Lyon is already 9.7Kg! Zara only 9Kg. :(

Hope your MIL get well soon.

Egghead said...

I think my son only fever once after all his jabs... other than that not much problem :)

speedy recovery to your MIL

Jesslyn said...

zara's mama,
yah man, it's tough to handle with sick kid when hubby not around!
Lyon still look like 小不点, height not much improve too! Nvm, as long as they are healthy!

LLS's body so tough hor!

HMom said...

Its tough during the fever days. HOpe she is doing well now.

AsleyLee said...

I saw what my ex-nanny did, she would boil the barley to jo the day before the jab, she said this can reduce the risk of getting fever. So,you can try next time.

mom2ashley said...

good luck to your mil!!!

Tracy said...

Kesian Lyon aka 小瓜 aka 小不点 (I really like this nickname). Jab of course 痛痛 lor.

Luckily Des has no problem with all her jabs - no pain pain, no fever. Maybe she's like mommy - not scared of jabs (heehee).

U can try giving her "pau sum" drink (put a few pieces in a cup and pour hot water) before letting her have the jab. It worked for Des every time. Taught by some old folks.

Speedy recovery to 大瓜's and 小不点's Ma Ma!

shoppingmum said...

My paed said nowadays jobs won't give children fever, so so far so good, my boy doens't have fever after jabs, touch wood.
BTW, is the lump in your MIL's breast harmful? Hope she's doing fine after the surgery.

Ricket said...

I remember Isabel for many months cannot break through 10kg, she keeps growing taller but not fatter.

Jesslyn said...

she is fine now. tks!

des another tough girl hor! so good no fever at all! but most kids will get it for the last jab ler!
"pay sum", another tips! ok, will remember this!

Tks for the wishes, MIL is ok now.

hui sia,
no need to try lor, as all her jab had done! maybe try on 3rd bb lar..hehehe...

dinah, my MIL discharged already, pretty fast!

the lump not harmful, but we encourage her to remove it!

my girl too! taller but not fatter! easy to carry them too...hahaha

kwloong said...

So how did daddy manage the 2, without you?


Jesslyn said...

he handle them so well, no fighting no lau kai at all! but when my turn, they did all these, truely bully their mummy lar! sigh

kwloong said...

Probably daddy more strict and stern kuah.