Tuesday, May 30, 2006


MIL discharged from GH on 25/05, everything goes well but she look tired, perhaps cannot sleep well in hospital. She brought along bedsheet & pillow to GH!! When I saw she put those stuff in washing machine, I also feel funny! LOL...she claimed that so many patients in and out from there, also so many of them had been sleeping on the bed; so she prefer to bring her own! hahaha..so cute! I told her the GH defenitely will wash throughly wan lar! She said the dr did it pretty fast, and no feel pain after wake up. But we try not to let her carry Lyon, worry might hurt the wound. When she just came back, the 2 girls were having their nap. Once they wake up and saw their Ma Ma, they keep calling her and keep standing or sitting beside her! Guess they must be missing her a lot! As at today she already can do most of the housework, of course I try to minimise the workload. Lucky now is school holiday, SIL#1 & SIL#3 are free, so they can come to my house to help her look after the 2 girls! Then only I can "fong sam" to let the girls with her while I am working! Else I will be worry in office too!


Egghead said...

congratulations to your MIL's discharge!
tell her not to stress herself out so much after the surgery :)

Zara's Mama said...

Your MIL really very cute.. bring own bed sheet and pillow.

She also so hardworking, come out from hospital immediately want to work.

The girls sure miss her ler... it's good that she's discharged and already feeling better.

kwloong said...

Great to hear yr MIL is out of the hosp. Donno how you going to encourage her to take rest so that her body can heal faster. Old ppl like to work rather than sit down do nothing. Double boil some chicken soup for her, I am sure u know what to do. You are a good DIL.


Msau said...

glad to hear ur MIL is ok liao..This few day sure L&W will stick to their grandmother liao..must be miss her alot lah..

mom2ashley said...

good to hear that your mil is discharged. speedy recovery!

blurblur said...

Glad to know that she's discharge and feeling ok already!

Ya, luckily it's school holidays, at least you know someone is there to help her when you're at work! :)

Allyfeel said...

It's good that finally ur MIL has recovered and discharged. She likes to be clean eh? bring along her pillow. haha!

Tracy said...

Good to hear dat ur MIL has been discharged and okay.

Wah, ur MIL's so cute - brought her own bedsheet and pillow. No worries lar, the hosp will sterilise all the 'stuffs'.

Eiks! Why is she doing the housework? Better ask her not to cos she'll never know whether she'll hurt herself or not. She should be resting right now.

Luckily ur SILs are able to help u during this while and u need not worry.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Speedy recovery to your MIL

Jesslyn said...

thanks for the well wishes!
yeah, will keep reminding her!

zara's mama,
cute har? First time i saw this too! I really feel funny wor! :p

me good DIL? not really lar..hehee
now she try not to eat those "poison" food that might cause her wound hurt!

you know what, their ma ma is their Santa Clause, keep 变东西给他们吃!

thanks dinah!

thanks! yeah, really thankful now!

yeah, she is a clean type ppl!

told her that too but she said not really clean wan lar! :P
so far, she only swipe the floor, i do the rest!
Lucky SIL is a teacher, so that she can help us now.

thanks for the well wishes!

mumsgather said...

Glad to hear that your mil is discharged and doing well but she really should take it easy for a while. Do remind her to get more rest.

AsleyLee said...

Good news! Speedy recovery to your MIL!

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