Monday, May 29, 2006

I am big girl now!

Though Wien is 4 (for me she still like a small little girl) but most of the time she talk like as it she is a big girl! #1 When she wake up from her nap, I asked her... Me : 维,你要nen nen吗?(u want nen nen?) Wien : 妈咪,你要讲牛奶,不是nen nen!我已经长大了!(Mummy, you have to say milk, not nen nen, I already big girl!) Me : oh, 你要喝奶吗?(oh, do you want milk?) Wien : Yes, I want milk!...(speak to me in English pulak!) After finishing her milk, she add... Wien : 妈咪,你只可以跟小妹讲nen nen;跟我讲牛奶,知道吗?(Mummy, when u talk to xiao mei only say nen nen; u have to say MILK when talk to me! Understand?) Me : 哦,知道啦!(oo, understand !)...suddenly I feel myself so small... #2 FIL on the aircond, I called Lyon to come to me... Me : 小妹,来,公公开TIT! (xiao mei, come, gong gong on the TIT!) Wien : 妈咪,你跟小妹就讲 TIT,跟我就讲冷气, 知道吗?(Mummy, u tell xiao mei is TIT, but when you tell me , you should say : Aircond! Understand ?) Me : 哦!(Ok!) .... #3 Both girls like Vitagen, we use to pronounce Vitagen as "shu shu" becos they cannot say Vitagen correctly, so we created this word since Wien very small time. As usual, if they can finish the rice or porridge, I'll reward them with Vitagen after their meal... Me : 谁要喝 shu shu? (who wants shu shu?) Both girls : 我要!我要!(I want! I want!) Wien : 妈咪,你要讲 :维-他-精, 不是shu shu! (Mummy, you have to say Vi-ta-gen, not shu shu!) Me : 哦,改天妈咪跟你讲维他精罢了!(ok, next time mummy say Vi-ta-gen to you only!) Wien : 跟小妹才讲shu shu, 我已经长大了!(Talk to xiao mei only say shu shu, I already big girl lor!) Did she really big girl now? I don't think so....some how she still snatching Lyon's toys or food! hai....


Tracy said...

Hahaha, same like Des. I'm sure when they want 'face', they'll say they are 'big girls' but when they don't feel shameful esp. insist on having something which we won't allow them to have, they'll say they're still 'small girls'.

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. now 'teach' mummy back! So 'clever' and big girl liao.

Btw, I never use baby words with Zara.. so i don't have to worry about her correcting me like Wien does. :P

mom2ashley said...

theyll always be your lil babies:)

HMom said...

So cute - can correct mummy!

Egghead said...

hehe... veli wise girl indeed! know how to "teach" mummy wor :P

domesticgoddess said...

lol! 她好像迫不及待想长大哈哈... 我的打瓜有时也会跟他妹妹说,"你还小,不可以;哥哥大了可以拿..."

blurblur said...

She can't wait to be a big girl cute! :)

AsleyLee said...

Wow, Wien so smart to correct mommy.

I say vitagen as juice, and aircon as titi to Jo.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Very cutelah your Wien, trying the "Big Sister Act".

Jesslyn said...

at this age, they just love to protect their 'face' hor!

zara's mama,
we love to use baby word ler, as we love to see they say those words too! after all when they grow up, sure they'll talk as adult! no worry lar.

ya..but hubby always teasing me : eh dun treat her as baby lar, she already big girl now! sigh

sometimes she claim she is a little teacher, when i did something wrong!.

veli soon your son will be like that too! let's wait & see ya!


when she bigger that time, sure she wanna to be small kid again! Just like my wish now!

u also use baby word! dun u think this way is more 亲切?

just like your boy wish to become big kor kor to his mei mei lor! :P

kwloong said...

Wien is just like my nephew, like correcting people.


Lazymama said...

Funny conversation from Wien! She is so cute to corrent mummy loh! :P

Jesslyn said...

sometimes she also correcting SIL's daughter if she say something wrong! I think most kids at this age will be the same gua!

but i still feel YC's "mamak tong" more cute ler...:P

Allyfeel said...

Wien is like a big teacher liao. Telling mommy this and that.

Jesslyn said...

sometimes she holding a book, ask me to follow her after she read them one by like 小老师!

jazzmint said...

haha so cute..she's like trying to differentiate herself and lyon is different, so must use different words

Sabrina said...

(*slap forehead*) Wah ur Wien is teaching u wat to say ah??hehehe...I've always tell keith the right words and let him pronounce watever he likes. At least he knows wat am I referring to.I was told by someone that we should not baby talk and always talk to them like an adult.

Vien said...

Kids are so cute when they try to act as big kids. But when besar, they want you to baby them.