Friday, May 26, 2006


Last Sunday, SIL#1 brought Wien to Chinese temple to bath the Buddha ( 浴佛). Reached there, SIL noticed Wien's 2 shoe were with different pair (一个公一个母). SIL : 为什麽穿别人的鞋?(Why u wear other people's shoe?) Wien : 没有啊!( No ah!) SIL : 酱为什麽穿一个公一个母?(Then why 2 different one?) Wien : 两个都是我的鞋嘛!为什麽不可以酱穿? (2 shoes are mine, why cannot wear like this?) SIL : 扎倒!( Speehless...) I realy LOL when SIL told me this! True also what, all are her shoes, she can decide what to wear!


Egghead said...

me and my then-girlfriend (now wife) used to have a pair of similar shoes but different colors... I chose to wear one each when I go out :P

Sue said...

Haha... kids, they shcok you with thier answers just when you're off guard :P

Tracy said...

Is it wearing 一个公一个母 的鞋 in the trend now? I've a fren wearing such shoes wor. It's the same pattern but different colour - 1 pink and 1 light blue.

I'm sure ur 大瓜 was wearing different pattern shoes, rite? She really knows how to 'tit lok tei har lar fun ja sa' hor?

Zara's Mama said...

she's making a fashion statement there! :)

blurblur said...

Clever girl! :)

kwloong said...

Wien start to create new fashion? I used to wear same shoe with different color shoe laces.


shoppingmum said...

Start to have fashion sense already? Clever girl!

Kampungkai said...

*bangs head on the wall!

kids nowadays are super smart. must be all that AHA DHA thingy...

Potential Mom said...

kids r smart...!! so feel very zha dao??


i think next time my kids will more smarter than urs lar...prepare to see whatthey will say

1+2mom said...

Sometime i also will let my son 'zha dou', you wont know what he will give you the answer.

AsleyLee said...

Oh,creative! Yalo, why can't le?!

Twinsmom said...

Annabelle also told me almost the same thing "don't disturb me, this is my shoe!", then I told her "then when your leg pain, or you fall donw don't cry to me." :P.

jazzmint said... fashion in the block mahh...

magictree said...
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magictree said...

Wah..I just realised that I am outdated. Not only clothes can mix and match, shoes also can! Must learn for Wien...

Sabrina said...

Haha..Clever girl lar. I couldn't stop laughing when I read her answer.Haha..
It is a trend wor. Earrings oso got different design on each side nowadays.

Ricket said...

Kids do have their own brand of wisdom. Sometimes we are just blocked by the limitations of society acceptability to see it as wisdom.

Jesslyn said...

both of u can share shoes la since the size is the same!

ya, they really "ya jian cui li"!

ya, i ever saw adult wear diff color shoe but with same design! Just like how egghead & Michael did!
of couse wien is wearing diff pattern one, maybe she want to 'protect' her face gua! lol

zara's mama,
so small already know how to make fashion statement?then she must be more clever than her mummy lor!

hehehe..clever? I think she is 搏嘴 to defend herself lar!

maybe she ever saw other ppl wear like that gua!

so next time if we wear wrongly also doesn't matter lor! lol

ya lor, all due to super advance milk powder.

your kids will be more smarter? ok, just wait & see! Hurry up wor!

your son same age with wien, at this age they really clever to talk hor!

ya lor...why not?

hohoho...i used to answer her like that when she pretend she is clever! :P

so next time when see ppl wear diff pattern shoes, we cannot laugh at them wor!

ya, i will learn to wear like that next time..see what is other's comment!

ya, wearing earing like that is normal now. Everyone want to look special from others!

in fact we can just act what we like, disregard other ppl thinking or comment! then only we can be more happy! Who cares?

Allyfeel said...


Jesslyn said...