Friday, April 07, 2006


FIL like to watch TV news, Wien like to watch cartoon CD; MIL, hubby & myself no any preference as most of them the TV was occupied by them! When come to news time, always can hear this conversation: FIL : 维,公公要看新闻了. (Wei, gong gong want to watch news now.) Wien : 不可以!我要看 Magic English. (Cannot, I want to watch Magic English.) FIL : 你从早上看到现在咧,到我看了!(You watch morning till now lor, now is my turn.) Wien : 我要看咧. (I want to watch ler...) FIL : 你去冲凉先,我看一下子的。(You take bath first, I watch a while only.) Wien : 不要冲凉。(Dun want take bath now.) FIL : 快点去冲凉。(Faster go to bathroom.) Wien : N-O (spell out the alphabet)...NO!! Now I have to grab her and pull her to bathroom! Else both will argue non stop! Believe pretty soon Lyon also will join to fight for the TV, mummy headache!


1+2mom said...

Lukily my son will move out cause we call him go to my MIL bedroom watch his VCD, so less argue at home :P

shiaulin said...

luckily i train my Xuan long ago. news time Xuan will says "爹地要看 news", then he will let daddy watch the news. :)

Blogie-Talkie said...

ya, same problem here, it always me and the son 把持the T.V.
My husband just complained he did not watch his own T.V. show for longest time.
show, coz never his turn....hahaha

mom2ashley said...

oh no..soon you'll need to get 2 tvs and two astro sets....;)

Lazymama said...

hehe, Wien is stubborn huh! N-O! :P

My girl still won't attract by the T.V! I forsee we won't have such T.V fighting problem in the household coz the only one watching T.V is daddy. :P

kwloong said...

Hahaha..time to get another TV.

Tim allowed me to watch my chinese show every time we come home. He will said "watch chinese show?".

blurblur said...

Hehe, Damien is not interested in TV shows, so whatever we watch, he watched..haha..but usually within 5 mins he'll move on and play his toys..phew..heng ah..;p

Zara's Mama said...

Time to buy another TV? Haha..

Msau said...

cham lor..SQ started attact to the TV since my confinement start wor..and now I gotta fight with her for some TV program..haii...

Twinsmom said...

sini pun sama, in the end we on their show in PC for them to watch LOL...

Jesslyn said...

so good got another TV!

xuan so good boy hor! told wien many times lor, yet still like that!

wow, u pakat with 仔仔! Poor daddy!

2nd TV? dun want la...must educate wien now!

yeah, sometimes she is that stubborn!
u seldom on kid cd for YC?

i wonder when wien will be as kuai as Tim har?

sometimes even she on her favourite show, she still will play with her toys! so i angry, just switch off the TV. Then she stop playing, on her TV again.

I think keep away all her cd collection is the best way! day will do it if she fight for TV again.

hehe...war just start ler...good luck!

hubby not allow her to watch from pc, else will be peaceful lor..

jazzmint said...

wah wah so young start to fight for TV channel liao :P

Jesslyn said...

ya lor...sometimes very geram with her!

Allyfeel said...

Solution: Get another TV. :P