Saturday, December 31, 2005

Big Girl

Wien is a thumb sucker since she is 5-6th month old. When she is 2 years old, we try to wean her off from this habbit, mission fail. So daddy said never mind la, let her stop by herself, ask me dun force her, ok lor.... This year she is 3 years old, and still sucking her thumb during sleep time or watching TV. We was thinking to ourself that we must get rid off this habbit. We did it few months back, started at bed time first. I told her you are big girl now, have to stop sucking thumb, she asked me back why big girl cannot suck thumb? I said big girl suck thumb then others people will laugh at you. But she said she couldn't sleep le without doing this. So I suggest her to put in her thumb 1-2 second & take out, cannot suck long time. She tried but took long time to fall into her dreamland; I guess nearly 11.30pm only she fall asleep. Never mind, she need time to adjust this. But when I checked on her during midnite, her thumb was in her mouth, so slowly I took it out. Consider half way succeed la, although she still put in her thumb in & out. But regret to say that this only last for few days, after that she suck again, no matter how we beg her. We also not so strict on her at that time. Some friends or relatives suggest us to apply chili or pepper on her thumb but we never do it, as we think this is so cruel. Further more thumb sucking is not really a bad habbit. In fact, I love to see her sucking thumb during bed time when she is a baby, so cute & adorable! Am I right? Yee Ching's mommy & Zara's mama? I bet you are.... Last week, I guess is on 22/12, MIL try her method, a very simple method on weaning. Wien's thumb has a small bump (swelling caused by 3 years of thumb sucking). So MIL tell her she got to stop sucking else her bump will become bigger & bigger, then will burst, then will detached from her hand, then she got only 4 finger left liao...bla bla bla..she really scare wor!! We also tell her the same but she not scare at all...姜还是老的辣! you got to believe this...Wien has a favourite blanket, she called it 被被(Bei bei), used it since she is a baby, we are not going to take away this as ALL kids have their favourite things to accompany them to sleep. So during her nap time, MIL asked her to rub the bei bei at her ear, so that she will forget about her thumb, she also follow the instruction, then slowly fall sleep. When I back from work that day, she report all this to me, I am surprise too! Credit must go to MIL this time!! Until now she no longer a thumb sucker, also did not use her bei bei to rub ear anymore but still using bei bei while sleep....Yes, she can do it! MIL also managed to train her drink milk without bottle (after the weaning off thumb sucking). She bought lots of straw for her to drink from her bottle now instead of using the teat. She said slowly she will get Wien to drink directly from cup. OK, let's see. Next mission : No diaper at night..(she still wear diaper at night, try to train her few months back, but she wet my bedsheet/mattress....) I can say Wien recently quite behave (kuai), a lot of things she can do by her own now. She can wear shirt & put on pant by herself. She can put on stocking & shoes as well. She can feed herself during meal time ( credit to daddy). She can wash her plate after meal time. She can help me fold laundry. She will help to take care Lyon. She can do her paper cutting & homework when we are busy. How time flies, now she almost a Big Girl liao, lots of things can handle by herself. Sometimes we chat in adult tone too, she pretend a big girl & mummy pretend her friend..hehe..very soon, we can go shopping together by holding hand to each other...just like 3 sisters ( of course with Lyon around)


Lazymama said...

Your MIL so clever, able to wean off the habit!

Yeah, I love to see Yee Ching sucking her thumb when she was a baby and never refrained her from doing so until her teeth emerged and got her thumb wounded. But I am glad to say she is now 100% weaned off the habit!

YChing has her favorite blanket too! This one I will never disturb her. :P

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. pressure now is on me.

I find thumb sucking is a very natural habbit, but very worried she'll still be sucking her thumb at 7yrs old (like a friend's daugther).. I thought of using Jefferene's method.. But I thought maybe should let her suck a few more months first. After all, she's only 1.

Zara's thumb also got a bump because of frequent sucking.

Btw, Wien is really big girl ler, and so good girl, can help mummy do this and that.

Good loh for you.

Allyfeel said...

Wien is really a big girl liao, can help mommy do so many things and best she is able to quit her old habbit.

I don't have to worry about bb as he neither suck his thumb nor suck on a pacifier but need to train him later to pee at night but not so soon though.

jazzmint said...

Wien is so good girl and can help up alot things at home. I guess u don't need to spend much time jaga her now :)...Dreaming of the days when Faythe is as big as Wien and can talk like her

chanelwong said...

So big girl and big jie jie already...Another new phase of life for Wien...

mIcHe said...

my 1 yr old suck her index finger...i just let her you also...i love watching her sucking her soothing and syiok.
hey...that's fro dropping by my blog :D