Thursday, December 22, 2005


Wien know few 诗歌(Chinese poem), mostly taught by SIL but daddy only managed record 3 so far. Some pronunciations is out, need further training, but at her age now consider is good enough la. Mummy has to teach her new poem now as SIL no longer stay with us after her marriage. Below are the poems recorded by daddy too..


Tracy said...

Wua lau eh! Ur Wien is really a special girl. At such a young age, she's not only good at using the abacus and singing but oso can recite poems too. *pui fuk, pui fuk*

Auntie Tracy really salute to u, Wien.

Lazymama said...

wow, wien can speak so well! The 1st poem sound clearer than the 2nd one.

Allyfeel said... clever one? How old is Wien? I am impressed!

Jesslyn said...

u praise her then she feel kembang le!
kids memory are good, train them now & they will learn one!

haha..when we argue something, she lagi clever defend for herself...
she is 3 year+ now.

we speak mandarin at home, so she can speak well for the poem, I guess!:P

Zara's Mama said...

Not bad, can do this so well.

Btw, she speaks Mandarin or English at home?