Wednesday, December 21, 2005

When You Are Away

When you are away, I have to make milk for the girls. When you are away, I have to wash the milk bottle after feeding. When you are away, I have no time to flip read newspaper. When you are away, I have to teach Wien write words. When you are away, I have to entertain both girls. When you are away, I have to wash the plates after dinner. When you are away, I have to wipe the floor if Lyon urine. When you are away, I have to get Wien to brush her teeth and change her into her pyjamas. When you are away, only I realize all the time you had shared with me above tiny workload; although I still complaining you for not helping me...hehe p/s: ….just mumbling here as hubby was outstation this whole week…


Baby Smooches said...

wah.... your hubby is good at being an effective helper.. get him to bring the kids along with him next time... hehe

Egghead said...

hubby away ah? hmmm... go download all the TVB series and do marathon!

mom2ashley said...

complaining ah??? ahahha..

Zara's Mama said...

Initially I thought you are talking about your maid balik kampung.. looks like it's your other maid aka mate.. hubby! :P

Sabrina said...

So kesian. So much work to do...Well, it's our responsibility lor. Yesterday, Keith poo poo in his napkin n I ask daddy to help me to wash. He refused to touch it and only sprayed the poo poo away with water. See lah...We have to do all the DIRTY work all the time.

Jesslyn said...

he is attending training le, how to bring kids along.

i hardly got time to watch movie now! TVB series? lagi impossible la!

sometimes women tend to be demanding la! Dun u?

zara's mama:
we got no maid at home, so mummy & daddy is the maid lor!

u r rite! mummies are multi-tasking ma!

Allyfeel said...

Wah...your hubby is such great helper, u r so lucky!

Jesslyn said...

no doubt sometimes he is a great helper la..