Wednesday, December 07, 2005

MMR crying wor..

This morning brought Lyon for her MMR injection, surprisingly she never cry! I expect she would cry like her previous jabs but turn out she is fine, really really surprise me! When the nurse do the injection at her right hand, her left hand keep wanting to pull the needle out from her some more! Seem like "boh rasa" le...haha, this girl today really give mummy a surprise! Before Lyon’s turn, there is one boy also did the MMR jab. I can hear his screaming from outside. I was thinking next screaming will come from Lyon too! End up no wor, the nurse also praise she is a good girl. Lyon only 8kg, nurse said she is not progressing well in weight, keep asking what food or milk that we feed her. She further add on that we should feed her rice as rice is more nutrient than porridge(first time I heard too!). Anyway I just agreed with what she said as I am not worry at all on her weight, since she is healthy and growing well now. Plus Wien also quite light at this age too! At 12 month now Weight : 8.0kg height : 71cm Teeth : Top - 4, Bottom - 3 Walking : 5 steps on 6/12, PIL & Wien as witness! I never done any preparation for this jab just brought her to clinic and jab. I ever heard that need to test with egg before the jab, if they allergy to egg, then cannot take the MMR jab. For Wien, I never test too, and she is ok with this jab. Let's pray Lyon will be the same too! All my girls' jabs were done in nearest government clinic, except their first jab. So can say we save a lot on this part. Not to say stingy la, all because it’s very convenience for us to go to this clinic, it just located very near to our house. Usually I will drive even it is within walking distance. If have to go to paed's clinic, then we have to drive about 30min le! During Wien’s time, the clinic only do the baby check up once in week, so quite crowded too sometimes. Usually I will drop the card first, later only go. But now it open daily for baby and pregnant women check up, so less crowded and we can finish all this in less than 1 hour. See, so fast and convenience, further FOC! Definitely can go la!


Egghead said...

lucky you ler... my son cry until he is choking ler when kena!

Lazymama said...

My girl cried too before and during the jab!

Annie said...

*praise* *praise* Lyon!! Lyon understand already...cry or no cry will also get injected, dunwan to create a scene lor!

Zara's Mama said...

Lyon very brave!
Zara was having lots of fun at the Dr's room, when she got injected, she shouted, then a bit of tears, then started playing again. :P

Jesslyn said...

so teruk meh? cry till choking? must be inexperience do the injection! poor LS..

she saw the needle already cry ha? so clever ya, she know the needle going to make her pain!

I doubt her skin too thick le, that's why bo rasa lor!

zara's mama:
wah, so fast zara forget the pain liao after injection, good! some babies cry damm long time wan!