Friday, December 02, 2005

You must have a boy!!??

After SIL's marriage, I think MIL must be feel lonely, as lack of one kaki accompany her during the day. SIL is a school teacher, she use to be around helping MIL after school session or during school holiday. Now after she moved out from our house, MIL must be feel something lost. They have yam-cha session during evening time, Wien & Lyon will also joining them. Wien with her sipping cup and Lyon with her bottle, either eating biscuit or cake or goreng pisang. Sometimes my 2 gals dun want to drink their own drink, they aim at ma ma(MIL)'s kopi-o. Wien will drink terus from ma ma's cup, as for Lyon, she will keep eyeing at the cup and hint ma ma to let her sip the cup too! If refuse to give her, she will keep kicking ma ma until ma ma give in! She is such a greedy girl, kopi-o also she can walluap! Few days back, I was in the kitchen with my MIL; suddenly she pat my shoulder and told me that I have to have at least one baby boy! Huh? Why all of a sudden she say like this? She must saw my face become so curious and weird, later she explained to me that : if you do not have any boy, after all your girls marry, all move out , then only left 2 of u, so lonely! icic, i got her meaning at last! At first I really thought she really mind that I only have girls so far! I reply her that : you think you want boy then boy will come out meh? Is not within my control le! She just smile to me! Now when I think back, maybe she really want a grandson. oh help! Hubby in the living room while our conversation took place, he overheard it too. He wink to me when I walked towards him ! He is the only son in the family, I believe everyone has the thinking that we must have a boy to carry on the family surname. But does this important? For most chinese, yes! They love boy so much, everything reserve for the boy. Am I right? My mum is one of them, sometimes did make we sisters so jeolous! So far I have not get any stress from hubby or even my PIL yet. But in their heart I duno la. Hai, thought can close shop liao...looks like cannot le...sob sob...


Sue said...

uh oh, kenot "sau kung" already...

Annie said...

faster-faster...i support ur MIL..hehehe!!! contribute to our chinese society mah... get Michelle to give u info on how to get baby boy!! No need to sau kung first!

Egghead said...

wel... all is not lost... your MIL is lucky to have a DIL like you mah :)

so we will expect good news from you soon? :P

kwloong said...

If you are really thinking of a boy, let me know. I have a "boy" recipe. Of cos not 100%. It also depends on the accuracy of your cycle.

Lazymama said...

Actually I hate the idea of Chinese family must at least have a boy.

I heard the same thing from all over the source - my aunt, my ex-nanny, neighbours except my PIL(PIL dare not say anything to me, kakaka.)

My answer to some of them: "No, this is my first and last baby, no more! Boy can live in with you? Boy can help you more? You ask my parent, they have only 1 boy and 1 girl, who helps and care for them the most? And now you have boy and girls and yes you are staying with you son but when you are sick, who take you to see doctor? Your girls right!" They kept quiet with my answer!

Sorry, no offence to other! To me when a child is good. he/she is good regardless of his/her gender!

jazzmint said...

alamak...gotta start engine again :P. Maybe MIL hinting to u but indirectly told u with the reasons so that you won't feel pressured :P.

For me, I feel pressure myself I don't get a boy, weird..though it's not really depending on me. So 2nd one hope boy lahh..then can close shop

Tracy said...

Ha, ha, ha, cannot 'sau kung' lor. Nvmlar, faster get the 'recipe' from Michelle then can close shop, ur PIL will have 'gau doi tan chuin' and oso'kai dai foon hei' lor (hee, hee).

Zara's Mama said...

Your husband already gave you the cheeky wink.. so you know you must work hard already la.. :P

Tell your mil, not that you want son, will get son is one thing.

Another is, not that you want son to stay with you, son will stay with you. What if they son found a wife from overseas?? Then all is lost?

I still think daughters are the best.. :P

Jesslyn said...

sue, annie & egghead:
not easy to jaga baby le! With 2 girls already handful liao!

wow, boy recipe some more! okok, will consult u once i plan to do so!

yeah, very sad to hear this!

hope your 2nd is a boy ya :P

u also know michelle got boy recipe ha? seem she is very popular ya..haha

zara's mama:
me give birth not hubby le, of course he "yam yam siu" la..

tell u, I still prefer girls, can wear cantik cantik & go shopping together when they get older!