Monday, December 05, 2005


When come to bed time, I will send Lyon to bed first, as she sleeps earlier than Wien. In bed room, I used to play with her a while before she meet chou gong’s son. After I off the light, she will see the wall and show her excited sound! Guess what? Because I pasted many glow in the dark stars onto my wall. She loves it so much! Those were pasted while Wien stills a baby! Whenever I sang this song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, she will crawl towards bedroom and show me the stars. Lyon is too mobile by now, no longer sleep in her baby coat after month 2. So I placed a mattress on the floor and let her sleep there. When her energy not yet use up for the day, she will crawl here and there or try to climb to my bed. I just let her do that, as after some times she will tired and crawl back to her bed and sleep. But sometimes bad mummy will pretend cat or dog sound to scare her, she either will come to me or imitate their sound (of course not exactly the same la!). Sometimes Wien will come to room if she knew Lyon not yet sleep. If she comes in, then Lyon refuse to sleep liao, she will be very excited as she know jie jie will play with her! Then 2 of them will play hide and seek, screaming, throwing pillow, climb up & down from the bed, etc etc…by that time, mummy angry liao, no eye to see also! So I tell hubby, next time make sure dun let Wien enter the room before Lyon sleep. But hubby said he couldn't help too as if refuse to let Wien enter the room, she will scream or cry! Occasionally I will let Wien and Lyon sleeps together, but end up during midnight have to transfer Wien to my bed. 2 of them cannot sleep together le, either Lyon sleep on Wien’s tummy, or her legs crossing with Wien’s leg, or while she is rolling, rolled till Wien side, cannot roll over liao, then she start yelling! Both of them sleep on queen size mattress le, yet seem like not enough space too! Whole night like that, have to separate them, then only I have a good night sleep! Since last Friday night (02/12, have to mark this day!), Wien no longer sleep with us, she move to MIL’s room liao! Haha…hope she continue sleep with ma ma, so that my room not so pack! Then Lyon can roll & roll until bang the wall! Yeah... Wanna know how we persuade her to sleep with ma ma? Hubby tells her: you have to sleep with ma ma wor, if not big bad wolf (大野狼) will come and snatch away your ma ma at midnight le! We have been telling her many times but she still stick to our room; then out of sudden (last Friday la) she told us she want to change room to ma ma ‘s room and protect ma ma from big bad wolf!! Haha…We of course happy to hear that! Who's afraid of the big bad wolf Big bad wolf, big bad wolf? Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Tra la la la la


jazzmint said...

hehe wahh so cute, wanna protect mil somemore :P. good trick. eh she sleep on mattress won't roll off to the floor? I plan to put Faythe on mattress soon now still in cot, but worry she roll off cause she sleeps like a worm, toss n turn all over the bed.

Egghead said...

wah... me still the most loser lah like that... LOL!
our son still sleep in between us ler :P

p/s: we gonna be family soon... since my son is dating Chou Gong's daughter :P

Annie said...

guess, i'll have to face your "problem" soon.... Big bad wolf storey good hor! Wien has a very kind heart!

Zara's Mama said...

so cruel.. go & frigthen her like that.. hahahaha..

Btw, I wrote a similar post just today on the same topic.. sleeping.

And I also tagged 5 childhood food. 来来,给点面子

Jesslyn said...

of course she will roll off to the floor, so i put a big pillow near the mattress edge!
But some more she still can roll to the floor by by-passing the pillow! Then she will cry for help! :P

LS sleep between u & J ha? then how to invite QUEEN in?
Come on, kick him out from your bed!!
Wah! LS so greedy ha! First Zara, now Lyon, who's the next victim?? LOL! just kidding..

kids' heart are pure & clean! She really mean to protect her ma ma!

zara's mama:
ya hor, we hv similar post today!

tagging me? aiyo..sakit kepala I like to eat everything le!

Anonymous said...

Jess, wat a coincidence, my bed room wall also pasted with the 'yin kong' star.

kwloong said...

Emily & Tim also have the same problem. If Tim comes in to the room, Emily will not sleep. Emily will tease Tim and Tim will laugh loud loud. What do mum do? Mum switch off light entirely till pitch dark, cannot play. Everyone sleep.