Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pool's fun

Last Sunday set up the pool for Wien to play, not me do the pumping air, but SIL #1 and her daughter it. Very tiring do the pumping air into the pool, it took approximately 2 hour (pump, stop, rest, pump, stop, rest….). The pool also never place in my house, it was keep by SIL#1; she stay very near to my house. She redeem it from RealReward, as a present for Wien 2 years ago. But I was thinking if just for Wien to play, not really fun la, if SIL’s daughter can play with her, then more fun lor! So I get her to keep the pool..haha..another point that I dun want to keep the pool is our porch always full with the cars (sound rich hor? No la, all are old national cars la). So if want to play the pool, then have to remove cars, which I hate the most! Lazy mummy is like that! Anyway I was thinking to get one that no need do the pumping air one, is easier! Also less work for me! Wien really have fun playing with water! But not Lyon, I also did not let her play as she is having mild running nose, scare she get cold! When I carry her closer to the pool, she seem scare (this is the first time she saw the elephant pool!). After some times, then only she seem ok, keep hinting me go nearer to the elephant nose, then she play with the water that come out from the nose! I dip her legs into the pool, she keep kicking the water but she only play for short while; after that she sign me to take her legs out from the pool!


Egghead said...

wow! the pool looks great!
definitely cooler than mine!
good to see them having a good time huh?

Sue said...

your pool as big as egghead leh... but nice got water coming out from the elephant trunk :P next time get a foot operated pump la, better ma for such a big pool

Baby Smooches said...

eh, that's a cool cool pool you have there. I've never seen one like that, got water from the trunk some more.

Zara's Mama said...

wow, what a big big pool..
water bill will be high if you used it often. :P

Hope Lyon get well soon, and can join in the fun.

Wah.. can see the house your SIL live in is very big!! bangalow.. you live near by, house also must be very big lar.. :P

jazzmint said...

wah...got water from the trunk somemore cool...i think it's time for me to reddem one from RRewards too hehe

Lazymama said...

Sooooooo cute the pool!

I think I need to get one small one too for my girl as public pool is so dirty. My PIL's house have big porch!

Jesslyn said...

cool le the pool! I love it too!
come, come, bring LS over my place this weekend!

aiyo, of course we used foot operated pump la!! If use mouth to "pump", sure 上气不接下气!
Egghead got another one which can fit 10 kids le,more bigger than mine le!

ya, hardly see this kind of pool sell in supermarket! Redeem from RealReward wan.

zara's mama:
me not worry water bill, as paid by SIL ma..hehehe!
I m sure Lyon will love it too the next time she saw the pool!
I too hope my hse is bangalow le, but no le!

quick quick, get one for Faythe, sure she love it!

I dislike public pool too!

mom2ashley said...

you should team up with egghead and bring the kids toegtehr for swimming!