Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Eve

During Xmas Eve, daddy drove us to Portugeese Settlement. We knew it would be crowded there but we still went. This is because last year we are unable to enter the crowd, too many cars! So this year we are more clever liao, we go early early..haha! Before 7pm we already reached there, not many cars yet. We have our sea food dinner there too! Mummy & daddy love spicy food, so we order lala cook with sambal, 1 big crab in butter garlic & 1 crab in sweet & sour. Mummu prefer the butter garlic crab, very nice, the sweet & sour just so so only. Then order 1 type mix vege & 1 noodle for Wien since she love noodle more than rice! Nothing for Lyon, but mummy did bring along her porridge! Total bill is RM56++... Almost 9pm only we managed to finish our dinner, believe u guys know, when taking baby or kids for meal, we have to eat by taking turn, some more Lyon refuse to sit still in baby chair, need to take turn to carry her too! While waiting for the dishes served, mummy brought both girls walking around the place, the restaurant was just beside the sea (but the sea side quite dirty though!). All surrounding was decorated with nice lighting, plus quite windy too, the feeling is good! In Melaka, this is the place that you can enjoy most the Christmas festive! After dinner, we join the crowd to look see look see those nicely decorated house, they even decorated lighting on all the plants & tree outside the house! The house resident also very friendly, they even invite us to enter their house but we just stand outside & take pictures. Feel shy too if enter the house as we dunno them ma. But one of them get Wien to take photo with his daughter, ok la just let Wien enter his house. Also there is one of the resident pretend Santa Claus too, distributing tibits & sweets to those kids... make those kids so happy, including Wien. Very huge Santa Claus.. There is function going on too on the same night, they invited Melaka Chief Minister coming over for the count down. But we did not wait till count down as need to be back by 11pm, to attend a neighbour's house for the count down plus xmas carolling.


Jason said...

Ha! They reused last year decoration again with last last year and last last last year and last last last last year...

Lazymama said...

I went to this Portugese Settlement once few years back with hubby and friends, just to try their food. But that time wasn't festive season so no decoration at all.

Talking about Melaka, I really miss the Hainanese Chicken and the Nyonya food there.

jazzmint said...

wah so nice...i guess the atmosphere is better than KL itself which mostly are street parties only.

Jesslyn said...

i know i know i know, i know need repeat so many time la..:P

many tourist like Melaka Hainanese chicken rice, me think it so so only..but do love the Nyonya food! especially the chendol in Baba Nyonya house!

definetely the feeling is different!

Zara's Mama said...

Very adventurous, even having to take turns to eat still dare to order crabs.

I long time never eat crabs liao.. how to eat, since have to jaga Zara? Aigh.

Didn't know Portugese settlement so beautiful one.

Not bad huh? Malacca? CNY also very yit-lao, Christmas also.

Jesslyn said...

zara's mama:
aiyo, we so looooooong time never eat crab le, this time go there mesti makan punya!!
Near my hse's area(Tangkak) during CNY lagi yit-lao, the firecracker bomb here bomb there till 3am!!!! *sigh*, we cannot sleep peacefully le!

Allyfeel said...

I read from the star that they spent lots of money decorating thier house for Christmas. Some came back from overseas just to celebrate.

How wonderful, never been there. IS it true that they reuse deco every year??

hyete4 said...
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