Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Monkey jumping on the bed

Five Little Monkey is one of Wien favourite song. She heard this song when she is few months old. She knew how to climb onto my bed when she is less than 1 year old, since then she already started jumping or playing on my bed; but we stop her doing so, scare she will fall down. When she turn 2, whenever after hearing this song, she will go in my room & start jumping on my bed! She feel very fun & shiok as the spring will make her jump higher & higher! Below few shots taken by daddy while she enjoy jumping on the bed like a tomboy monkey girl!! ....when she is 2 years old ++ ... when she is 2 years old++ ...when she is 3 years old ++ Those photos were taken without mummy in the room; after the stunt show only daddy show mummy the photos, as he know if mummy is there, for sure will stop her doing this dangerous stunt!! Not surprise if one day Lyon also behave the same as her...because Wien will teach her one day too! Then there will be 2 tomboy monkey girls jumping the bed liao!

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed

One fell off and bumped his head

So Momma called the doctor and the doctor said

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!


Egghead said...

good mah!
active kid is a healthy kid!

p/s: look at the hair when she jumps... Fulamak!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe..active girl. Adrian also like to jump on my bed too, but now he got his own spring mattres so no longer jumping on mine.

Sue said...

Ghastly hair LOL... makes it look longer than it actually is :) But look at all the fun she's having...

Lazymama said...

The 3 years + picture really looks stunt woh! And good that she is able to do that.

Tracy said...

Kids really enjoy jumping on the spring mattress. Destinee not only loves to jump on the mattress but oso on the sofa and oso enjoys doing 'stunts' like what Wien did. I always encourage Des to do the sommersaults (read from a book dat it's good for the brain) but Pappy will be the 'spoilsport' who will discourage such stunts.

Annie said...

she's having fun indeed. my girl can't jump on our bed, cause our mattress are coconut fibre one...no spring. The most she can do is jump from the bed to another mattress on the floor.

The only bed she can jump on is the HOTEL BED!! (that is if we ever go holiday lar)

kwloong said...

I have a similar blog, my son jumping on the sofa: http://mybabybay.com/blog/index.php/2005/03/22/delectation/


AsleyLee said...

Like doing complicated yoga's pattern...

Sabrina said...

Wow..she really can do a lot of stunts huh. Keith at the moment will bend down n look at me in between his legs. He feels that it's a funny thing to do.

James Tan Juan Whei said...

so cute jumping on the bed,but i think also a little dangerous.anyway they are just having fun.

jazzmint said...

aiyoooooo do headstand somemore...she really enjoy huh..i think if u get her a trampoline at home, she can jump up n down whole day :P

Zara's Mama said...

报告,老婆, 今天维维没有乖, 维维跳床.

You must ask your husband to report to you also.. hahaha..

mom2ashley said...

very acrobatic!

Jesslyn said...

her hair look like pontianak hor?
LS will be the same too sooner the later!! Better watch out!

i think all kids all like that hor?
Boy lagi like to jump le!

make her longer lagi look like pontianak le!

MIL teach her do 翻筋斗wan!

u teach her sommersault ha? My MIL teach Wien do sommersault..:P

haha, ah girl also like jumping on the bed ha!!no spring she also hor ?

ya, i ever read that blog too!

hui sia:
is the actions same as your yoga class?

bend down & look in betweent the leg is a funny post that i like! Both my girls like to do it too!

not so dangerous la, her daddy will take care her. Did u do that on your mummy's bed?

with the trampoline at home, i think 2 fo them sure jump non stop!!

zara's mama:
haha..hubby sometimes will report to me too!

i guess she is a bit hyperactive la!