Friday, December 09, 2005

You got egg??

Mummy teaches Wien to differentiate Gents and Ladies toilet sign some time ago. I taught her whenever saw a sign with ladies wearing dress, then only we can enter as it is meant for ladies; whereas sign for male’s toilet is a guy wearing shirt only. She knew it but whenever before entering the toilet, she will ask like this …. Wien : mummy, girl 穿裙裙的是吗? (Girl wears dress, right?) Mummy : yes. Wien : boy ne? Mummy : boy 穿衣服的。(Boy wear shirt only) Repeat few times, believe by now she able to differentiate the signs. One day she ask me a question that I couldn’t answer her spontaneous, here is the conversation, too bad couldn’t recall when is the date! Wien : mummy, boy 有鸡蛋的吗? (Boy got egg or not?) Mummy : huh? (Cannot get what she means), 讲多一次(get her repeat the question.) Wien : mummy, boy 有鸡蛋的吗? (Boy got egg or not?) 上次我看到George 的 mummy跟他换裤的时候,我看到他的下面有鸡蛋哩! (Last time I saw George’s bottom got egg egg le, when his mummy change his pant!!) Mummy : oh my goodness!! (Laugh till cannot stop….) P/s : Wien thought the ku ku jiao is egg…btw, George is my second sister’s son, and he is 4 years old now. Mummy and daddy just cannot stop laughing when heard she say like that!! Even till now she still will ask mummy: - Daddy got egg or not? - Ah Gong got egg or not? - Hong Hong got egg or not? (neighbour’s son) hahaha...whenever see boy then she will ask this funny question!


Sue said...

So fast got questions on the human anatomy liao... but seems she already can link the "eggs" with the male species already :P

Egghead said...

egg here! wazzzzuuppp!

mom2ashley said...

hahahahhahah! she's now very curious huh

Lazymama said...

Sooo cute and funny! Kids are joys of the world!

My girl have seen her daddy's naked body since birth till now, maybe one day she will ask the same question, hahaha!

AsleyLee said...

Quite embarrassment if she suddenly points to the man stranger and question like this! But, very cute le...Don't know when will Joshua ask me like Wein le?

Tracy said...

Kakaka, dat line 'I saw George's bottom got egg egg' really made me laugh. Kids can be very humourous sometimes and so how did u answer to her questions, Daddy, Ah Gong and Hong Hong got egg or not?

jazzmint said...

kekeke time for birds & bees lesson :P

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. I think the egg she saw was the testicals ler...

Kids really say the darnest things!

Jesslyn said...

sue & mom2ashley:
she is curious la!

show your egg!!

one day YC will ask the same to u!
ha, YC's daddy ever show nake body to her ha?

Hui sia:
unless that stranger also nake body la!

i replied her all boys got egg lor including daddy, ah gong & hong hong!

yah, had start teaching her slowly.

zara's mama:
ya lor, that's what she saw!

Baby Smooches said...

hahahaha. this is cute.... kids are getting smarter these days

Loc Kee said...

hi, my firstime visit...
i left this comment in 1+2Mom's blog, something related :

Girl went to mumy and asked
"Mumy, what is KKC???"

Mummy, "oh, if you are a Good Gal and you grow up next time, you will have ONE"

Girl, "But how if i am not a good gal leh??"

Mummy, "Ohh well, then you will have MANY!!!!!"

hehe, abit of 18sx :p

Jesslyn said...

me also think she is too smart! some questions I even canot answer her!

loc kee:
welcome welcome...
many kkc? aiyoo, that's horrible la!