Friday, April 28, 2006

Little Farmers

Few months back, hubby said want to let Wien try on farming (plant vegetable). So I get MIL to get me one polystyrene from wet market. Few weeks ago, in one of the weekend, we started the farming. Wien very excited with it, so does Lyon. Every morning, before I left to work, I'll remind Wien to shower the plant, else they will die of thirsty.

btw, we plant spinach! I think have to wait few more weeks only we can eat the vege!


Egghead said...

I wonder if they will continue watering the spinach if they know they have to eat the vege later... LOL!

mom2ashley said...

wah...good to cultivate green fingers in the family..

Ricket said...

Isabel planted some green beans, excited for a few days, now I have to water for her.

kwloong said...

Hey plant some tomato, it will be very cute.


Potential Mom said...

yo... good good...!! wont u scare they give to much water until the plant die??


wow, you are such a creative mum. that's a good idea to keep the kids occupied and learn responsibilities too.

Sue said...

So excited when I see the green little shoots :) Nice to see good outcome after all the work hehehe...

Jesslyn said...

Of course, they love spinach anyway!

get something new for them to play hor! guess they also bored with toys only.

ya, sometimes she forgot to water them too! then we got to do the job! :(

we plant b4, those cherrie type, but wien just pick it and eat without washing them! lucky we did not put any pesticide!

no lar, we ask her to use spray type bottle to water it!

2 little fellas:
not me! hubby's idea.

yaya, when they pop out, she very excited too!

AsleyLee said...

Wow,good idea. Badly here don't have place to plant..

When i was young, my mum taught me to place (can't say plant) the mung bean on the cotton, i still can recall myself how's happy was i when seeing the sprouting.

Tracy said...

Wien must be very excited - watching the crop grow where she planted and watered.

How I wish I have such a space. I love to plant veggie too but in my place, where to plant, no drying area and not even a balcony - under my bed maybe (heehee).

Allyfeel said...

Wow, what an experience for the kidos.

Do you put any fertilizer?