Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Yesterday I was on 1 day off, be SAHM again. MIL went for her next check up, related post can find here. She had done the biopsy during her last check up, so this trip mainly is to collect her result. Finally the long waiting result is out, it showed the lump is not harmful...phew!! But MIL request for a surgery to remove it. The dr had put in her request in a list first, as according to hin, since it's not harmful, so she still can wait. The hospital need to do surgery for those who in critical condition first. Well, she probally need to wait for about 2-3 months. I did ask MIL whether she want to wait so long or not, else she can do it in any private hospital, but she said she prefer to wait since it's not harmful. Ok, just follow her wish. What a relief when we know she is ok, but now she got another problem, she has high blood pressure! Need to take medicine daily and take care diet too! Morning session I brought Wien to school, to register her for both kindergarten(next year) and primary one. I leave Lyon to MIL, as she only go to hospital after lunch. Wien is happy when reached the school, she saw so many kids there. I asked her want to join them or not? She said : 不要啦!我只是来看看罢了(don't want la, I just come here to look see look see !) . I told her start from next year you have to go to school everyday, cannot just stay home and watch TV, go to school make some friends and have fun there too! She just nodded her head.

Firstly I brought her to see the kindergarten class first. Ask her to remember what is their uniform's color, so that she can 报告爸爸!(report to papa) Later look for school office to do the registration. The headmaster said still early to register her for primary one (she born in 2002), come back next year la. But told me to register her for the kindergarten. For kinddy registration have to go another block of building. Wow, very far man, we did lot of walking till both of us sweating, very good exercise indeed! After the registration, I just let her explore the school. The school's wall full of painting and student's artwork, she like to see too. Walk, stop, see a while...the walk , stop, see again & again! We have a 5 minutes rest in a park, saw many park bench (石膏椅), I love this kind of chair very much during school life! It's so cooling when sit on it. I quickly call Wien to sit on it, after she sit, she said: 很冷咧,妈咪!很爽!(Mummy, it's cool! It's shiok!) We spent abt 1 hour there, then only back to home. After lunch only left me alone with the girls. They nap, I nap too! They have long nap though, I sleep for 1 hour, balance 2 hours I did some house work plus surfing net..hehehe! Whe they wake from nap, it was heavy rain, so cannot go for outdoor activity. When the rain stopped, Wien request to go outside to play bubble. I give them green light! Lyon so happy when she saw me open the gate, keep shouting :yeah! yeah! This cheeky girl!

They have fun playing bubble, Wien blow it, Lyon catch it. My camera skill very bad, cannot capture well those bubble, photoshop skill also bad, so just post whatever I captured..hahaha

Overall I love to stay at home with them.


Egghead said...

give you one day with your girl already you wanna send her away to school meh... LOL! :P

good for your MIL! also if no problem dun touch it :)

Zara's Mama said...

Hey hey.. same dress as Zara right?

I think Wien is very ready to go to school..

I'm also thinking ler.. should I send Zara to play school come next year.. (2yrs old).

Stay at home, all she does is watch TV and play only.. and no other kids to play with her.

Wien next year 5?

blurblur said...

Wien didn't attend Nursery? Hee, i'm just curious lah..;p

So Wien is born in the same year as Damien...haha silly me, now then i realise...i kept thinking she's a year older than my boy..;p

AsleyLee said...

So nice to hear your good news of your MIL.

Your gal pandai cakap "不要啦!我只是来看看罢了", hahaha, funny!

Jesslyn said...

Send her to school just for her to have fun ler, also can meet more friends, else she at home ka-ka-cau-cau MIL ler!

in fact, many had advised better dun touch it too; but why keep it?

yup, same desing, but this one made by MIL.
2 years old still early to send la, let her enjoy at home lor, with KW girls!
Wien is 5 next year. Tomorrow is her 4th birthday.

Our original plan is to enter her to kindergaren when she is 5 next year!

this girl very clever talking now, talk like a big girl sometimes!

Tracy said...

Wooeeee, glad to hear dat the lump's on ur MIL is not harmful. (Can wipe away the sweat)

I intend to register Destinee into pre-school at the end of May this year. I enquired from the school dat this year is just for her to practise her hands muscle and let her learn the basic things.

Ya lor, kids born in 2002 should only register into primary school next year.


Potential Mom said...

Happy birthday Wien...

erm.....i think is good to go to kindergarten on 5 years old..too early go, like Zara mom's said, not to say not good lar..just my opinion, too young for them to go... maybe they stay at home watch tv only, but if go there will burden the teacher there lor...

erm...also, they dunnoe what is the point they go there lor... erm...4 years old stil okler.. 2 yo is too young ler....

just my opinion... hehe...

*i wan the dress with the same design...can ar?? hehehe...very nice lar.... but seem like im too old to wear like that... aighh..

magictree said...

Wien's birthday tomorrow - Apr 27th? Hmm...same like me leh! Happy Birthday to Wien!

Jesslyn said...

that's mean both destinee & wien will enter school next year lor!
Pray hard she will not ask us to accompany her everyday!

the dress not suit u lar..hehehe

Happy Birthday to u !!

Allyfeel said... big girl already, go schooling. Which reminded me I need to register bb too in chinese primary. Here in KL if don't register early very difficult to get a place in good school.