Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unique Mailboxes

Frankly I love to see the mailboxes design in Europe countries. I remember during my Europe trip many years ago, I keep pointing to my hubby once I spotted unique and special design of mailboxes. Unlike our local mailboxes which is always in red color and in plastic material too!

Hubby commented since I love oversea mailbox design so much, why not just order one mailbox that caters for residential to replace existing one. I am so happy upon hearing this great news and quickly do my searching online. I found out that has the widest selection of residential mailboxes and commercial mailboxes over the internet. Other than that, it also offer high quality and durable rural mailbox and post packages.

I love this design as shown in the picture, Whitehall Statesville Package, whereby this package can fully customized according to fit our needs. The best of all is Mailboxixchange provides 15 years limited warranty, besides free shipping! Don’t you think this is a great deal?

Hurry up, check out your ideal mailboxes at Mailboxixchange, you might find one that suit your house.