Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Learning violin

During my childhood time, I do not have chance to learn music instrument like violin, guitar or piano. This is because I came from a medium family and my parent not affords to pay for the musical class. Plus the price for a musical instrument is so costly. Therefore I am quite envy that my other classmates able to attend musical classes after school.

Well, since I already start working and have fix income now, perhaps I should consider attending musical class and learn one music instrument during my free time. Among the music instrument, I love violin the most. This is due to violin sound is so soft and soothing to me whenever I heard violin player play with it.

Before I start attending the class, I shall buy one unit of violin for myself first. So I do the searching in all Violin Store via internet, hoping to get a good deal from it. I came across that Whitehorse Music is an online store which offers all kinds of musical instruments like violin, viola, cello, baton and others. It is also a supplier of fine string instruments and accessories to schools, students, parents and teachers in Australia. The best part is they provide excellent quality of violins which have been picked by Violinists and Violin Teachers.

If you are currently looking for violin or viola, please look up Whitehorse Music, I am sure you’ll find your instrument there!