Thursday, June 28, 2007

Washing Machine

My current washing machine had been with us for more than 8 years now. Sometimes the speed very slow and occasionally it will stop washing half way. I will feel very frustrated whenever it behave like that, meaning that I have to hand wash my laundry afterwards and I’ll be very tired then.

In fact, we had sent this washing machine for repair few times; I think it’s time to replace with a new washing machine. But what’s the best brand recommended by public? I need to do little bit of study first before finalized my decision on which brand. At the same time I also need to spare my budget too.

I was told Bosch Washing Machines is a reliable home appliances as well as energy saving product. The most important part is Bosch is dedicated to making family's life better in every way possible with their line of eco-friendly premium appliances. The features that attract me is Bosch machines are so advanced, they only use 76% less water and almost 72% less energy than conventional models, with more gentle fabric care, superior cleaning results and quieter operation. I shall order one unit and try it out!