Thursday, June 21, 2007

Print your photo on canvas

Wow, I am so happy to be one of the 100 participants that took part in Canvas Opp! I am going to send my girls’ picture to be printed onto the canvas and I just couldn’t wait to see the finished canvas now! A big thank you to Payu2blog for letting us joining this fun and exciting opportunity. Well, I am hoping Canvas on Demand able to send the 16 x 20 canvas to me via UPS or DHL since I am staying in country of Malaysia.

It is very simple and easy to print your loving picture onto canvas with the service of Canvas on Demand. All you have to do is just upload your picture during ordering process and they will guide you through the upload process. After that sits back and wait for your finished canvas which will ship within 4-5 business days from the time the image is uploaded.

The best news is Canvas on Demand provides free photo enlargement service once you place an order with them. If you ever not satisfy with your photo on canvas, you can either ask them redo or ask for refund. They will ensure their clients get 100% satisfaction guarantee towards their service!

Why wait? Upload your lovely photo to Canvas on Demand today, I am sure you'll love it!