Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Tomorrow is another MEET + THINK session. Though it is tomorrow, but I already start feeling sianz and bored now. Imagine, I am going to waste another 3-4 hours sitting conference room, just to listen they talk craps. No fun at all I tell you.

The worst part is, sometimes my ED will say: hey, you guys all high pay level executive here, couldn't you guys think something constructive ideas to help to boost up the sales or improve production functionality? Frankly, I don't like to hear that, meaning that we all here sit for nothing but just to listen you talk craps? If you know we are high pay staff, why not you cut short your meeting time, and let them back to work station and crack their head to find solutions to solve production problem? Aiyooo...I only can talk craps here too, no way can talk like this to my boss de! Boss always the boss, they dislike you to lead them too! LOL