Thursday, June 28, 2007

My canvas is on the way! :)

Last 2 weeks, received email from payu2blog, asking us whether want to participate their special assignment. Without thinking twice, I just send in my email to agree for the assignment. I even not sure what is the post going to ask me write too. After that I tried to ask around, who had joined the fun. None, except Comtech.

Last week, the special assignment reached my mail box. Asking us to post a short post about their product, Canvas. This is pretty easy. After posted, they gave me a coupon code to purchase my canvas online. The coupon code cost $89.00 and for free shipping too. I am so happy, coz I can send in my girls’ photo to print onto the canvas, plus it is all FREE! Hey tell me who doesn’t like freebie!

However while fill in my particular, I have to stop when they ask for USA address for delivery. Adoi, this web only accept order from USA lar. How? No choice. Put it aside…..thinking to cancel this assignment but feel not happy coz payu2blog never mention non USA resident cannot take part mah. So I write an email to Heath, ask for clarification. The next day, I got the reply from him. A very surprise email to me. He ask me to fill in payu2blog USA address, when the canvas reach their office, he will ship to my Malaysia address. Wow, don’t you think this is very good news to me! Well, I do hope Heath did not bluff me. If he did not send me the canvas….i will cekik him I tell you!

Stay tune, I will post up my canvas once it reach my hand! Let ‘s hope next week I can get it!