Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shock news

I got shock news today!

One of my Malay colleagues told me she is going to divorce with her husband soon. I am very shock when I heard the bad news from her, really really shock I tell you.

All the while, she been telling me how good her hubby is, good in taking care of her as well as their only son. When she told me the news, she seems very calm down too. After that only I knew she had been struggling for such decision for long time, finally she make up her mind, and divorce is her only solution. After got the answer for herself, she feel very relax, relief, and no more in her shoulder now.

What’s the reason cause her to go for divorce? Interesting topic to me. Well, one of the main reason is she suspect her hubby got women outside and not telling the truth to her most of the time. Another reason is he dislikes her family member and refuses to send her back to her mom house during weekend as well as during Hari Raya period. She cannot accept husband that cannot accept her family members.

*sigh* Marriage need cooperation from husband and wife to sustain and maintain, if one of them betray the other one, then it’s hard for you to continue to live and stay together. However being a single mom is not easy too. I sincerely hope she can go through all these and start a new life soon!